A Broken Exhaust on Your Vehicle Is A Problem

Written By Alla Levin
January 11, 2020

 A Broken Exhaust on Your Vehicle Is A Problem

Having a powerful engine will often result in having a car that, quite simply, roars. Unfortunately, having a loud car doesn’t necessarily mean that your car is all that powerful. Often the loudness that garners complaints from everyone in the neighborhood is caused by having a faulty or broken exhaust.

Depending on what is causing your broken exhaust you may not only be causing noise pollution but environmental pollution, worse, you could be slowly poisoning yourself and your passengers if the carbon monoxide from a leaking exhaust is entering your car’s cabin. If the exhaust system is not working properly, you have to do this immediately. Buy car’s performance from this trusted company like xforce.co.au.

You need to find the source for the noise, then find a way to repair it. While this can be a little challenging, for most people who have at least a basic understanding of cars (can at least put their own petrol in), with the tutorials available online it is possible to do it yourself or learn more here.

The Self-Test For A Broken Exhaust

You will need to apply all common-sense safety measures like making sure that your automobile is turned off, and completely immobile first, of course. Then get under your car and physically look at your exhaust (if you aren’t too turn what parts mark up your exhaust then you can find really helpful information online or by searching YouTube).

What you are looking for are any holes, rust spots, or areas where the exhaust isn’t securely attached to the undercarriage. All of these can cause excess noise and vibrations, as well as being a potential source for leaking carbon monoxide into your car. All of these can cause excess noise and vibrations, as well as being a potential source for leaking carbon monoxide into your car. In that situation buy a new performance exhaust system from xforce.co.uk.

Remember that ve holden commodore exhaust isn’t just the pipe that sticks out the back of your automobile, it also includes the muffler and the pipe that goes from your muffler through to the exhaust manifold in your car’s engine bay.

However, the main areas that will generally be an issue are the muffler and the exhaust pipe. Rust in your muffler is possibly one of the biggest factors behind an excessively noisy car.

Why Should You Care About A Noisy Car?Why Should You Care About A Noisy Car

You may love the way your car sounds, but that doesn’t mean anyone else in the area does. If you are only ever using your car during daylight hours you might not be bothering anyone, but if you are up early or arrive home late, you may find that your neighbors become increasingly annoyed by your disturbing habits.

The law is generally on the side of the complainants when it comes to neighborhood noise, in fact in the UK the law has gone so far as to install special cameras in order to capture the identity of noisy vehicles and issue them a fine! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/08/acoustic-cameras-could-brought-fine-divers-noisy-cars/. In California, there has been a recent uproar about an apparent law change that would see restrictions placed on how loud a vehicle’s exhaust could be.

Although this law has, in fact, been in place for some time, it has now been edited slightly to give the authorities more power to actually enforce it. What this means is that anyone whose 1975 or newer car registers over 95 decibels will get issued an instant fine.

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has been undertaking testing of car noise levels since around 2014, and generally, reports that 90% of vehicles are actually below the level.

Hey Siri, Is Google OK?

One of the more surprising reasons to ensure your auto is below a certain decibel rating is your ability to communicate. Not with other people in the car (because you’re currently slowly poisoning them), but with your voice-activated devices (see here). If you were in a modern Hybrid or electric vehicle this wouldn’t be a major concern.

However, for people driving older autos that are more prone to exhaust noise, or for car enthusiasts with powerful engines (and powerful engine noise). The ability to use your electronic personal assistant, or even have conversations using your aftermarket Bluetooth speaker, will depend on your ability to reduce the noise your car makes.

It Doesn’t Need To Be ExpensiveThe Self-Test For A Broken Exhaust

If you can get onto any issues fast, then it doesn’t need to be an expensive repair job. With a little luck and the right tutorial, you may get away with just using some wrap tape or muffler cement. Either of these will be cheaper than the fine you could potentially face otherwise.

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