Everything You Need To Know About Aria Parking Kiosk

Written By Alla Levin
February 11, 2019
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Parking Guide: All You Need To Know About Aria Parking Kiosk

Self-pay parking kiosks are the future of customer-centric businesses. This system makes the customer’s parking experience convenient and hassle-free. Parking lines can be eliminated, lost parking tickets will no longer be a problem, and parking validation will now be made easier.

When a business uses a parking system like Aria Self Parking, they can attract more customers and create a good impression. Here are a few other things that you need to know about parking kiosks:

Faster Parking Queuesaria self park

You’re all familiar with the troubles of finding a free parking slot and the problems that go along with it. A self-parking kiosk will make parking fast and organized. Businesses that use this technology will have the ability to welcome customers as they pull into the parking lot.

Some systems will also come with a LED display that will show which spaces are free or how long until the next available parking slot will be available. This kind of feature makes the line move fast as people will be better informed before they even enter the establishment. They will also be assured that there is a parking space for them.

Mobile Capabilityaria self parking location

With self-parking kiosks, a customer can book and reserve a parking slot ahead of time. You simply download the app and put in your details including the vehicle model.

You can also do the following:

  • Make payments
    The customer can link their credit card so that it automatically charges them when they park. They can also scan the barcode on the parking ticket to pay. This feature ensures that customers will always have a secure way of paying.
  • Request additional services
    If they used valet for their car, they can use the mobile app to retrieve the vehicle for them ahead of time. This way, when they get out of the establishment, their car is sitting right in front waiting for them.
  • Extra services
    The mobile app is fully customizable, which means that as a business you can add other options to it. For example, a hotel could link the mobile app to the reception so the customer can request room service. It can be an all in one solution.

Customer Service ReadyCustomer Service Ready

Self-pay parking kiosks like Aria comes with a Customer Service software that managers and owners can use to monitor their parking slots. The dashboard will show essential data to help you offer customers a better parking experience.

This data includes the following:

  • Number of tickets dispensed
  • Number of parked cars
  • How many slots are available
  • Duration of stay

These data will help managers and owners create their parking strategy. Additionally, some systems can also generate reports for owners to use so they can manage their team better.

Deployment Conveniencearia self parking location_3

Deployment is a key aspect when considering the cost of an upgrade. A parking kiosk may seem expensive initially, but the return on investment will be evident when you see an increase in customer because of parking convenience.

There are three ways to deploy or install parking kiosks in your establishment.

  • On-premises deployment
    This type of implementation will need extra personnel to take care of the equipment like an IT professional. There will also be a significant cost in obtaining additional hardware or software.
  • Cloud
    Your software will be accessible using the internet, and your data will be stored on the cloud. Data like vehicle photos, reports, and personal information will not be available offline.
  • Hybrid
    This type of deployment is for businesses who can maintain both the added price that comes along with the implementation. This kind of deployment is the most common as it’s flexible and offers the best of both types.

PersonalizedPersonalized Parking

Another thing that you can find helpful in parking kiosks is their customizability. You can personalize a parking kiosk so that it reflects your brand identity. Having your logo on the kiosks makes it easy for customers to find the machine.

Here the other things that you can customize on a parking kiosk:

  • Screen display
    You can personalize the screen display so that it shows off your logo and use your other branding identities like color schemes and slogan. Having them on a parking kiosk helps increase brand awareness.
  • Accessibility
    You can opt to use bigger font sizes and buttons for your parking kiosks. This kind of personalization is helpful for businesses that cater to seniors.
  • Advertising
    You can also put ad banners and pop-ups on the machine to generate income from your machine.

The Future Of Parking KiosksThe Future Of Parking Kiosks

Manufacturers are working hard every day to offer better parking solutions to businesses. A parking kiosk in itself is already an advanced technology, but there is still a lot of room for improvements. Manufacturers are hoping that parking kiosks can do more than just maintaining order in a parking facility.

Here are the upgrades that you can expect to see soon:

Full Automation

AI on your parking kiosks

As artificial intelligence or AI acceptance increases, you can expect parking kiosks to follow the trend. Artificial intelligence is a component of computer science that deals with machine learning and will make them intelligent by reacting like a human being. This kind of improvement can increase customer experience by a mile.

Having AI on your parking kiosks will help your customers save more time. All they need to do is get their parking ticket, leave the car and the machine will take care of parking the vehicle. This would also mean that the parking facility will be a “no customer zone” which can prevent parking lot accidents. It also enables businesses to squeeze more cars as compared to a traditional parking lot.

Increased CybersecurityCybersecurity Parking

Cybersecurity deals with the protection of computer machines from hardware, software, and electronic data theft or damages. As the level of technology increases, you can expect the risk in security to increase as well.

A parking kiosk is a machine that’s connected to a network, and more often than not, it will be connected to the Internet. This would mean that it’s highly susceptible to hacks. For example, a parking kiosk can be penetrated by hackers to get customer information which they can use to do other crimes. An increase in cybersecurity will mean that your customer’s data and the vehicle will remain safe and private.


Businesses are now using customer experience to separate their company from competitors. Having a parking kiosk as a part of your facility can help make that happen for you. You won’t just be offering convenience to your customers, you will also provide a better service to them from the moment they pull into the driveway.

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