How To Create Perfectly Optimized Content: 10 Essential Elements

Written By Alla Levin
January 13, 2020

Content Optimization: How To Create Perfectly Optimized Content

In the past few years, content optimization has started figuring high on the list of SEOs, agencies, and brands alike. This is because most of these entities have finally woken up to the fact that search engines and social media pay a lot of attention to content.

According to Google, content ranks right on top of the ranking factors, along with backlinks and mobile responsiveness. This goes to show that these tech giants are going back to what they were initially intended to do-

Help users with the best content and information for their search queries. In this article, we will look at why content optimization has become so important when it comes to ranking and performance enhancement. We will also look at some top pointers that help create the best SEO-optimized content for brands.

Content Optimization: Meaning and Definitionsearch engine optimization articles

The difference between writing for an offline medium and an online medium needs to be taken note of. When an individual or brand is writing for an offline medium, she needs to worry about the user’s interest and intent.

However, when it comes to online, it is essential to create SEO-friendly content. This is why, while most people can write. Not everyone can write SEO-friendly content. Search engines use complex algorithms and bots to scrape through content and come to their own assessment of the same.

We will be discussing the same in much more detail in the latter section. However, it would be worthwhile to point out some basics regarding content optimization on search engines here-

  1. Long-format content works best when it comes to performance and conversions. Ideally, this content needs to be over 2000+ words.
  2. Original and non-plagiarized content is something that every content writer needs to note. We are not talking about 5% plagiarism; rather we are talking about 100% originality.

Content must be informative and authentic and add value to the reader. This content, which is aimed at raising questions and then answering them, performs best.

How to create perfectly optimized content: The things to noteHow to create perfectly optimized content

In our quest to create perfectly optimized content, we tend to forget some of the basics of content. In this section, we will help you plan and formulate the best SEO-friendly content.

Keyword Integration

We are not going to discuss how you should do keyword research. That is the topic of another article. Rather we are going to look at keyword integration. In a 2000+ word article, your focus keyword should be mentioned in a ratio of 1.5%.

This means that you need to place your keywords 30 times for it to be sufficient for algorithms to understand the relevance of your article. When it comes to long-tail keywords, the same can wary between 20 to thirty times.

Keyword Placement

In addition to keyword injection, keyword placement is also critical for search engine algorithms. If you want to optimize your content in the best possible fashion, your keywords should be there in-

  1. The title of your article
  2. The meta description of the article
  3. The first line of the article and the opening paragraph
  4. The title of the first paragraph of the article (it can also be the second)
  5. At least two subheadings in the article
  6. The conclusion section of the article
  7. The last line of the article

This helps the bots and robot.txt to read the article and understand the contents of the same.

SEO and User-Friendly Sentence and Paragraph Construction

There are several behavioral studies that have found that to catch the attention of the users, it is important not to create paragraphs which exceed three lines. Small, short, and crisp paragraphs tend to keep the users much more engaged. In addition, breaking up your articles into sections and bullet points helps from a user perspective.

Points aided by sub-headings work significantly when it comes to maintaining the flow of the article. It also helps algorithms index the content much faster.

SEO Yoast HelpSEO Yoast

For anyone who wants to optimize content, a good knowledge of SEO Yoast is necessary. I have always felt that content writers need to publish content themselves. This helps them understand the WordPress Publishing Dashboard. This also allows them to fulfill all the criteria as mentioned on the same.

From Passive Word Count to Alphabet Limits; from title and meta description lengths to Readability Analysis, SEO Yoast is a goldmine of critical information. Budding writers who want to create perfectly optimized content need to master SEO Yoast.

Image and Video Enrichmentsoptimized content marketing

Text content is great, but articles, which have extra images and videos, perform even better. Most digital marketing experts suggest enhancing the quality of the content with images and videos that convey relevant information.

For a 2000+ word article, it is necessary that at least ten media files are used. This will help gain better traction, reduce bounce rates and improve the desired performance levels. Some brands are also actively working towards integrating videos in their product and blog pages to keep the readers much more engaged.


In the past year, the forgotten discipline of Content and Copy Writing is resurgent. While the obsession with Google AdWords and other PPC forms continues, brands and agencies are realizing the power of organic and natural reach and exposure. Content Optimization is one of the oldest ways to gain organic reach and build a brand. It also helps in promoting Inbound Marketing.

There are several new strands of digital marketing and advertising, like Affiliate Marketing, which have come to depend in a significant way on content optimization.

With the above five points, we have tried to address some major pointers which can help agencies and writers create SEO-optimized content. Let us know about some other tips which can help do the same in the comments section below.

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