Digital Marketing: How To Target Customers Rather Than Fans

Written By Alla Levin
July 29, 2021

Digital Marketing: How To Target Customers Rather Than Fans

In the world of digital marketing, growing a strong social media following and gaining lots of traffic are good targets to set. However, many companies focus on aiming for these goals alone.

Follows and likes won’t pay the bills unless they are followed by converted sales. So, how can you be sure that your strategies will actually support the pursuit of revenue? Here’s all you need to know.

Focus On The Right Audience

Universal audiences may show an interest in the brand’s social media content. Sadly, it is likely that a far smaller demographic will be interested in the products. Finding your niche and knowing exactly who your customers are will serve you well.

This allows you to tailor the content so that it resonates with them. Moreover, you can target the reach of paid ad campaigns to ensure that you gain maximum value. There’s nothing wrong with gaining support from outside audiences. However, your focus should stay with actual clients.

Understand The Path To ConversionReputation Defender programs

It is suggested that it will take seven touchpoints to generate a sale. So, a deeper understanding of that process from the first interaction to the conversion will serve you well.

Customers will look for social proof and recommendations. Therefore, you should look at Reputation Defender programs to ensure that they find positive content. Meanwhile, developing an automated email marketing scheme is advised.

The right scheme will introduce pain points, products, and concepts like FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out can accelerate their progress along this path.

Don’t Be Afraid To Promote Products

Many marketers state that growing brand visibility is as important as sales. Even if this is true, you need people to follow up their awareness with interest and intent to buy. Social media platforms like Instagram shopping allow you to promote products with direct links to them.

Likewise, creating video content that actively celebrates a product is fine. State the price, when it’s on sale, and the USPs. This step should deliver a more convenient solution for your visitors and social media fans if nothing else.

It can lead to more sales. Another great channel to consider is SMS. If you haven’t used SMS marketing before, make sure to read up on the latest text message trends to get yourself up to speed.

How to Target Customers: Ask For Opinions

The process of gaining client opinions has never been easier. Thanks to services like Survey Monkey, users can give their honest thoughts. You can subsequently use these insights to alter your marketing methods and even your products.

People who do not have an opinion to give due to never using your products will want to learn more. It’s a strange phenomenon but can turn fans into customers. Excluding community members who are not clients in this way can be instrumental indeed. Crucially, it shows that you are running a business and not just chasing clout.

Remarket To Existing ClientsRemarket To Existing Clients

While winning new customers is needed to grow the company, loyal clients are the key to sustained results. Therefore, learning to target returning customers can be the most effective route to success. For starters, you can be sure that they know the brand and its products.

Using loyalty schemes and timed promotions can drive a sharp increase in sales. Crucially, when they feel valued, clients will tell others about the brand. Given the power of recommendation, letting your community do the hard work may be the most effective route to new sales too.

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