The Old Approaches To Overhauling Your Blog That Still Work

Written By Alla Levin
January 15, 2020

Promote Your Blog With The Old Approaches That Still Work

The lifeblood of every blog is the ability to yield traffic.

When you are running a business and looking to drive it forward, your blog needs as much traffic to keep it in shape therefor you need to promote your blog.

But when we hear so many different rules and regulations to increase the number of visitors to our website, are there any approaches that we really need to take on board?

Forum Postingblog promotion services

Believe it or not, it’s a very useful approach to drive traffic especially if you are working in a very niche industry.

When you work in a very specific arena you can struggle to get the word out there because you’re not hitting the right targets.

There are advertising agencies like KW2 that can help with this and is more information from KW2 on their website.

Using forum posting can help to target people who have very specific needs.

If you’re running a blog about the health and safety of nurse practitioners, looking for those forums and writing about personal experiences with a link back to the blog makes it look very natural.

When you operate in a niche industry, regular posting and providing thought-provoking ideas helps the moderators to welcome you into the forum with open arms.

Promote Your Blog with Longer ContentPromote Your Blog with Longer Content

There is a myth flying around that the shorter the blog posts the better.

While you might think that being short and sweet is far better to cater to most people as they have short attention spans if you’re looking to encourage a relationship between consumer and your website, creating longer-form content can result in more shares.

As well as this, you can add more links. But you must remember that you have got to focus on the quality and the readability of each item of content.

Longer articles are more beneficial for search engine optimization.

But that’s not to say that short content is useless. In fact, it can generate more comments on a blog.


Keeping up with the times is part of the game; if you can get posts up related to breaking news as quickly as possible you’re going to rank higher on Google.

It all depends on the industry you operate in, but many news outlets now use various tools to help them with this every day.

Newsjacking is a very good way to keep yourself contemporary but it takes a lot of effort to keep on top of current events.

Promote Your Blog via Guest BloggingPromote Your Blog via Guest Blogging

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Writing for other people’s blogs is one of the best ways to grow your own.

By looking for blogs out there that are much bigger than yours, working with them you can then attach a backlink to your website in the post.

This means you get so much more traffic. The trick is about looking for blogs that are sufficiently more popular than yours. There is no point in working with other bloggers that are beneath you in terms of traffic.

You can use a blogger outreach service to find bigger blogs but if you already have some in mind it’s all about improving your networking capabilities. 

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