How to Convince Others That Change is Needed

Written By Alla Levin
January 21, 2020

How to Convince Others That Change is Needed

Being open to change is something that makes for a great leader, but what if the rest of the team aren’t convinced?

When you are running a successful company, you are always aware of the need to be open to change. Businesses may be built from the ground up but they tend to be run from the top to the bottom.

Good leadership ensures that each and every employee feels valued and that open and honest communication encourages trust and respect.

Change can be bad for a few

Good leadership also recognizes the need to regularly review all systems and procedures to cut costs and ensure work is carried out as effectively as possible; especially in this modern and competitive marketplace.

Unfortunately; no matter how well you run your company you will always face resistance to change such is human nature and fear of the “unknown.”

Many times, these changes will prove positive for all and facilitation skills training programs can show how to smooth the transition but there will also be times when change for some means a negative outcome.

It is in this case especially – when change is still needed for the overall benefit and success of the company – that others will need to be convinced.

So how do you convince others?how to convince others

Communicate the compelling need.

If management clearly explains exactly what the problem is and how it cannot continue (i.e. the long-term success of the company and job security depends on change) then the majority of staff despite some minor resistance will accept what is being proposed.

This process has been called the “burning platform”.

This refers to the memo of Nokia’s CEO where he made a compelling case for the need for the company to make changes.

Get people involved at all levels

Gone are the days in business when management proposed all the changes and expected those they considered under them to follow blindly.

People resist when it feels as though things are being “done” to them but will be much more obliging and even contribute their own ideas when they feel part of the process.

Company staff needs to be able to air their concerns including grievances.

They need to feel as though they have a voice even if the end result is the same as when management first proposed the changes in the boardroom.

Leave your ego in the boardroomHow to Convince Others

When employees are able to be heard – they may even have ground-breaking things to say!

A janitor, for example, is just as able to have a flash of insight as a CEO; especially if it’s about making changes to the job they actually do and have more experience doing it!

How to convince others: commit to change and give it time

A make or break step can be actually committing to the proposed changes and leading by example.

Change consultants recognize habits take time to break and management must be prepared to not just talk the talk but walk the walk and actually lead their employees to success even if it happens in baby steps.

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