Are You Thinking About Throwing A Private Business Event?

Written By Alla Levin
January 27, 2020
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Are You Thinking About Throwing A Private Business Event?

Being part of ‘the club’ is something we all want. There’s something about an exclusive hand-picked club guest list that we fawn over. There is a multitude of reasons. We want to feel appreciated, not while we’re among a large crowd, but among people that know how hard it is to be who you are.

We want to enjoy things that others may not have access to, which makes us feel appreciative and successful. We also want to be seen as someone who has fought their way into the upper echelons of our social circles. That’s why private business events are so popular.

Only the world’s most famous celebrities and CEOs get invited to these sorts of events. And it’s always to showcase something special such as a product launch or expansion into new territory. The question is, why haven’t you thrown one yet?

The location that wows

Where you set your private event will show your guests, how much it means to you. Unlike a business event that’s open to the public, this event is for chosen guests only.

You’re trying to impress certain big names in your industry, you’re giving them acknowledgment somehow and showing respect for their work.  Therefore the location should be magnificent and one that truly offers your guests privacy. Many private events do get leaked, and the media will be all over your venue.

Therefore choose a venue that has high walls and privacy trees. Choose an event that is a bit difficult to get to, such as in the countryside.  Pick a spot where there are amazing views, whether it’s on top of a skyscraper or in the Swiss mountains. The location itself is used as a statement for the event

Branding your event with class

Private events are filled with respectable people that know a lot about your industry and probably are already familiar with your business. Therefore, marketing the event has to be done with good taste. Rather than a large item, choose a standing banner with your graphics, displayed at the entrance of the venue.

The design team will do all the hard work completely free of charge. They use ultra-vibrant paint, so your logos and images will leap out from the canvas. If you’re in dire need, they have a rush service that just takes 5 days for your banners to be designed, made, and delivered. 

Utilize materials like glass to spread your business logo. Fitted into opaque materials, the logos will stand out yet stand in the background. Glass dinnerware and wine glasses with your logo etched into them would be a touch of class. If you’re giving away any gift bags, print the logo on the bags to show off a little.

Fantastic catering

Some of the fascinating conversations happen at private events. They mainly occur after the main presentation as people are relaxing, drinking, and mingling. A fantastic catering service is paramount to keep guests happy and wanting to stay longer. Technically after your presentation, guests won’t be committing a faux pas if they choose to leave.

They have absorbed what you had to say, and now they are free to go. But guests will want to stay longer if you have excellent waiters passing out great food and alcoholic beverages. Yet you also don’t want messy two-handed food either. Finger food that guests can eat while holding their drinks is so important to their general comfort. 

Not a total media-free zonefantastic catering service

No private event should be bombarding your guests with camera flashes and a swathe of journalists pushing microphones into their faces. Yet you do want some media coverage of your event because the notoriety would keep your name on everybody’s lips.

Hiring a private event photographer and interview team is so vital to making this happen. The photographer will keep out of everyone’s way, catch the best moments without disturbing them and get great chronological shots that tell the story of the day.

The interviewing team should ask your guests key questions about the event, such as what they liked and where they believe your business is headed in the future.  What CEO wouldn’t like prominent celebrities and industry names saying marvelous things about their products and leadership skills?

A private event should remain confidential, so take care when booking the venue to keep prying eyes from spoiling it. Use classy marketing strategies that show confidence, such as small standing banners near the venue’s entrance. Great food and drinks are the zest of a great social gathering.

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