Things to Consider When Using Promotional Lanyards   

Written By Alla Levin
January 28, 2020

Things to Consider When Using Promotional Lanyards

Promotional Lanyards are everywhere. They are used in schools, sporting events, concerts, office buildings, and more.

They are given out as part of welcoming kits during conferences and conventions.

Because of this, lanyards have become integral marketing tools to promote any business.

When using promotional lanyards, however, it is best to consider the following:

Identify Your Audience

When ordering lanyards for your business, it is a good practice first to answer these three questions: who is going to wear it, who will likely see it, and where it will be worn.

Lanyards that are given internally to company employees may not be visible to many as they may just be worn as part of the uniform only within the company premises.

On the other hand, promotional lanyards provided to convention-goers have higher possibilities of being worn outside the event.

Select the Type of Lanyard

There are different types of lanyards to choose from depending on the width, the material type, and the process of imprinting messages on them.

Some lanyards are limited only to spot color printing while others can have more words imprinted on them using sublimation prints.

It is best to choose the type of lanyard that would cater to your needs.

Do Not Worry About the Cost

Lanyards are inexpensive tools that you can use to advertise your business. You can lower the per-piece cost if you order them in bulk.

Keep in mind that other people may find your lanyards appealing that they will use them for a long time.

When they do, then they are providing your business with free marketing.

Get Your Message Across

Promotional lanyards are great marketing tools because they offer enough space to have your message printed on them.

You can easily put in your company logo, your company name, and company contact details.

Depending on the width and material of the lanyards, you can even add short messages such as your company slogan on them.

When having your message printed on lanyards, make sure that they pop out and are easily read by other people.

Be Consistent with Your Brandingcompany’s branding and be consistent with it

Handing out promotional lanyards at events is a sound marketing strategy to increase brand recognition for your business.

However, when designing lanyards, always keep in mind your company’s branding and be consistent with it.

Choose lanyard colors that match your company color and logo.

Set Distinctions

It is also a good practice to set distinctions when you are handing out promotional lanyards.

By having different lanyard designs and colors, you can easily identify your employees from your customers.

During an event, having your employees wear distinct lanyards will help customers know who to ask for help.

Using multiple colors or imprints on promotional lanyards will help clarify the different types of people during a business event.

It will be helpful in identifying the event visitors from the organizers.

Using lanyards wisely may give your business the much-needed marketing boost.

So, keep your customers’ attention and start ordering your promotional lanyards now.

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