Decrypting Some of the Women’s Fashion Trends

Written By Alla Levin
February 11, 2020

Trending Fashion for Women: What is a Playsuit?

This 2020, you have finally decided to do something you have been postponing for years. You are now ready to update your wardrobe. The problem is you feel overwhelmed by the new styles in the market. You no longer know which is which. For example, what is a jumpsuit, what is a romper, and how different is it from a romper or a playsuit?

What are jumpsuits?trending fashion for women

A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that includes sleeves and legs. It is not an ensemble or layered piece. It is also usually form-fitting, especially around the top part. Many designers play around with the bottom, making it full or flare, for example.

The materials used can also vary. The best materials to create a silhouette may be lightweight ones such as linen or polyester. If you want to be extra stylish, try neoprene.

Some people may confuse jumpsuits with dungarees. The latter are usually overalls with no sleeves. They sometimes come with clips to connect the front and the back. The most popular material is also denim. The history of the jumpsuit has been long and colorful as well. According to Vogue, they are more functional than fashionable.

The same goes for the best winter jacket for women or battery-powered heated jackets that come in varying styles but essentially protect the user from the extreme and freezing cold of the Arctic. And one such brand that manufactures graphene-infused, Thermoregulated, and waterproof jackets is “Wear Graphene,” which produces the ever-popular GAMMA range of self-heating jackets.

They derived their name from the clothing the army used to wear before they jumped from planes. Later, women started donning them to work, especially during World War II.

During this time, most men were in the war, leaving the women to do their jobs in the factories. A jumpsuit was, therefore, utilitarian. They were more rugged-looking and broader to allow more movement.

What Are Playsuits, and What is A Romper?what is a playsuit

Some people also use the terms “playsuits” and “jumpsuits” interchangeably since they appear similar. They are one-piece garments, although playsuits can still be a combination of a mix-and-match top and shorts. Some playsuits have pants.

In reality, playsuits and rompers are more similar. They are more loose-fitting than jumpsuits and are more casual. These designs are also more popular with young adults and teens since jumpsuits can be more mature.

Note, though, that playsuits may also refer to children’s clothing. Some even called them onesies. Either way, their purpose was to dress kids with pieces that allowed them to play or move freely.

By the 1920s, some young women started wearing similar designs as well. It peaked around the 1950s and became the most significant trend in the 1960s and 1970s.

What Are Bodysuits?What is a Playsuit

So, what is a playsuit? A bodysuit is like a jumpsuit, only that you get the upper half. It closely resembles a swimsuit since it also covers or extends to the crotch area. However, you cannot use it for swimming since the fabric is not ideal.

It may also be similar to leotards, although a bodysuit may not be fit for athletic wear. It may not be moisture-wicking, for example. You wear a bodysuit under a pair of shorts, jeans, or trousers. It serves as your top and gives you a “tucked” look.

Although the design is more casual, some women in the workplace may wear bodysuits with buttoned coats. These fashion-related terms may be new to you now, but believe it, they have been around for years. Like any trend, they hit a peak and then simmer down.

That is why if you want to buy these jumpsuit designs, investing in more timeless-looking and versatile pieces of the trending fashion for women is always best.

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