5 Benefits of Using a Backpack

Written By Alla Levin
February 12, 2020

5 Benefits of Using a Backpack

Backpacks have long been, and no doubt will continue to be, a staple of many people’s everyday lives.

Although associated predominantly with children and their school books, backpacks are worn by a wide variety of people, for a wide range of reasons.

Just think about it; yes, schoolchildren do routinely pack their books and lunch into a backpack before heading off to school. But what about business people on public transport?

Cyclists on their daily commute? Or even those keen on jogging? All of these people regularly don a backpack!

Backpacks are used by many different people, in different situations and at different stages of their lives. But why? What is it about a backpack that so many people love?

Well, these top 5 benefits of using a backpack might help to shed some light on the popularity of backpacks.


When it comes to portable storage solutions – which is exactly what a backpack is – then comfort is one factor that is not to be overlooked.

There are many different types of bag that you could use to transport your goods, but none offer the same comfort as a good quality backpack.

The dual strap allows the weight-bearing to be spread, meaning that the wearer doesn’t end up with a strap or singular rope digging into their arm or shoulder, even when carrying a heavy load.


One of the best things about a backpack is that it can represent anything that you want it to. A backpack can say ‘serious’ and ‘ready for business.’

Alternatively, a backpack can scream fun and excitement – especially for children.

Popgear has some excellent, stylish backpacks for kids, including designs from their favorite characters from Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, and much, much more.


Keeping your belongings safe when out and about is essential; and, a backpack is an excellent way of achieving ‘possession safety.’

A backpack can be quickly closed via the zip, which is much safer than a bag that you are unable to shut securely. You can even add a padlock to the zip of your backpack to ensure additional safety.

Sizemain benefit of a backpack

When it comes to any bag, the size is essential. After all, who wants a bag that too small to fit even some basic things. But again, who wants to be lugging around a huge carry all when popping out for the afternoon?

Backpacks are a perfect size for holding necessities, without being a burden to carry around. They are even the ideal side to take on board a plane as hand luggage!


All in all, the main benefit of a backpack lies in all of the previous four points. The perfect solution for carrying items in a multitude of situations.

Tick! The number one when it comes to comfort. Tick! Come in a variety of styles and patterns to keep you looking great. Tick!

An excellent solution to keep your belongings safe. Tick! Excellent size for carrying items without being bulky. Tick!

It is the most practical solution for carrying goods.

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