Six Benefits Of Becoming A Truck Driver

Written By Alla Levin
February 12, 2020

Six Benefits Of Becoming A Truck Driver

Driving a truck might not be a job you have considered for yourself, partly due to not knowing much about a truck driver’s life. In reality, a truck driver’s life is probably quite different from what you would think, and it can be one with a lot of benefits.

Here are some of the main benefits of becoming a truck driver. 

Great travel and scenery

The country is full of lots of scenic routes to be driven, and as a truck driver, you will get to travel some of these and enjoy some picturesque scenery.  It will vary from trip to trip what you will get to see, but at some point, you’re sure to be able to enjoy mountains, forests, and amazing landmarks. Truckers get to see the country uniquely. 

Great payTrucking jobs

Trucking jobs tend to be well paid, which is one of the main perks of the job. Fewer people are looking for trucking jobs, which makes any candidate more attractive and puts you in a good position to negotiate for a higher salary.

Long-haul drivers tend to earn more than short-haul drivers, and the industry has a reputation for valuing and rewarding commitment and long-term safe driving.

Look at Knight Trucking driving jobs to get an idea of what you could earn. 

Pay bonuses

Truck drivers tend to benefit from various bonuses. Some companies offer a signing bonus, while others offer bonuses for long-term service with the company or a great safety record.

Some will also offer bonuses for mileage too. 

Job security

One of the bonuses of truck driving is that your job cannot be outsourced, which offers you good job security. Moving goods long distances is important, and there’s no other to do it at a high volume.

As there are fewer drivers, this also helps keep your job safe, as there’s nobody to replace you. As long as you have a safe driving record, there’s no reason you can’t stay in the industry as long as you like. 

Job benefitsKnight Trucking driving jobs

Trucking is a demanding job, and employers understand that. This means that truck drivers often enjoy more benefits alongside higher starting salaries and bonuses than the average industry.

This could include more paid time off, better retirement options, or generous health and dental plans.

Some companies offer free training and tend to reward long-term employees with even more benefits.

Some companies will also look after their employees’ health and wellbeing by offering discounts to gyms and other health-related programs. 

Great stories

Behind the wheel can be a great vantage point, and truck drivers see all kinds of things. Having a story to tell all the time is a perk of the job not often talked about.

You’ll have tales of the places you’ve driven through, strange road behavior that you’ve seen, the attractions you’ve been able to stop at, or some of the foods you’ve tried on your travels. 

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