How Can Your Office be Better in 2023

Written By Alla Levin
February 12, 2020

Keeping up with the competition is tough. You need to use the newest and most effective marketing methods, and you need to use the best shipping methods, and ensure all of your software is up to date to make sure that your competition isn’t leaving you in the dark ages.

But one thing we should all be doing as business owners (which is easily overlooked) is improving your office since this is essentially the ‘brain’ of your company. A good, modern office can boost productivity, worker morale, and much more. Here’s what you need to know according to Supply Link USA.

Modern Office: Use collaborative areas

The layout of your office space can be vital for the best productivity levels. Offices like Google, Spotify, and other huge companies of the world have worked out the benefits of collaborative working areas; it’s something you could implement in your own office to boost productivity and workflow.

You can then have some more enclosed areas and desks for one on one meetings, phone calls, and other types of work.  With any office layout, you’ll want to ensure everyone can move around easily without feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Collaborative areas often involve people moving around more, so bear this in mind when planning your office. 

Make it more eco-friendlyeco-friendly office

There’s no denying the kind of damage we’ve caused to the earth, but we’ve become more aware of how we can prevent or slow down these issues in more recent years. We should all be aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and be kinder to the place that we live. As business owners, we have a particular responsibility to do so (since it’s companies like ours responsible for a huge proportion of the earth’s damage. Making changes can be really simple. Things like refillable pens and printer cartridges can save massively on plastic and prevent the plastic epidemic from getting worse.

Choosing suppliers that use eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials is another smart direction you can take your company in; by purchasing from sustainable, eco-friendly, or fairtrade suppliers, you create more of a demand for these kinds of businesses which can push things forward when it comes to looking after the earth. We live in a digital age but still use far too much paper, so we aim to go paper-free.

Using document management like can help you to achieve this; you could also email things like invoices and receipts rather than give out paper copies as standard. 

Make it accessible

You have a moral and legal duty to ensure that your workplace is accessible; you need to ensure you’re meeting all requirements of the disability act to make sure anyone with additional needs can access your office. If your company concerns accessible flooring, you can always call in a commercial flooring company to get the job done right.  If you’re in an older building, they won’t have necessarily been built with these things as standard, so it’s up to you to make sure your premises are suitable. 

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