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Profitable Football Betting

Over the last decade, sports betting has become a widespread pastime for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The most popular sport to bet on is football, which should come as no surprise given the number of people who watch it on a regular basis.

However, there are not too many of those who are able to post a regular profit on the sport. This is down to two things, a lack of knowledge when it comes to picking teams out and a lack of betting knowledge when it comes to the markets to use and how to use them. Football betting is not easy, but with the right betting strategies in place and some football knowledge, you can make it pay.

With bookmakers accepting many currencies, including offering players the chance to invest using cryptocurrency, everyone around the world can get involved.

For those looking to start their football betting career, or those who have tried and failed in the past and want another try, here are some key football tips to get you underway.

The 90 Minute Betting Market

This should be the place where every new football gambler begins. Things could not be any simpler than this market; all you have to do here is choose who you think will win the game.

You will eventually go on to bet on more complicated markets that give you a smaller chance of winning, but before you do that, build up your confidence with a simple market just like this one.

Confidence is vital for anyone who wants to become a successful gambler, so make sure you give yourself the opportunity to gain it. The score, winning margin, who scored and anything else doesn’t matter, your focus here is on one thing only, and that is the game-winner.

There are only three possible outcomes, so it is also a betting market that you should be able to get right on a regular basis. The three outcomes are a home win, away win, or the draw.

One of the biggest mistakes made by punters is forgetting about or ignoring the draw. This can happen and does happen, so make sure you consider it when placing your bets.

The odds on offer when using this market aren’t great, but it is a simple and easy way to get started. There is nothing better for confidence than backing winners, and this market should help with that.

Every bookmaker will allow you to place bets on this market, which is another positive as it means you can go with any bookie that you see. You can find a list of bookmakers who will be happy to take, and all offer a free bet to get you started.

Do I Need to Pick a Game Winner?Profitable Football Betting

The beauty of football betting now is that there are so many markets to choose from you are spoilt for choice. Some of these markets don’t even require you to pick the winner of a game.

One of the best ways to become a profitable football gambler is to utilize the markets on offer for you. This doesn’t mean using them all, but they can help and ensure you are never limited.

Both Teams to Score

This has really evolved as a betting market to become one of the most popular out there. In this market, the winner of the game doesn’t matter at all. Instead, you are answering a simple question, will both teams score in the game?

If you think they will, then you bet yes, if not then you bet no. The main use of this betting market is for those who are backing on games where they believe goals will be scored.

This means betting on ‘yes’ is by far the most popular way to use the market. If you are looking for a way to bet without choosing the winner of a game, then this market can be used for that.

Total GoalsBetting on Football

Along a similar line is the total goals market. There are many variations of this market, but the most commonly used and also the simplest is the over/under 2.5 goals market.

Again, just like both teams to score market, this is one where betting on goals is more popular than betting on no goals. This means ‘over 2.5’ is the most popular selection here, and people use this market to bet in that way. This is another market where the game-winner doesn’t matter at all to you, all you want on this market is goals, or a lack of them, depending on how you bet.

Advanced Betting Markets

These provide you with the opportunity to add extra stipulations to your bet, while also adding risk. The right plays here will give you bigger odds to aim for, which means more profit in your pocket if you get it right.

Handicap Betting

The handicap line is the one to use when you think a team will not only win a game, but they will win it well. For example, backing a team at -1 on this line means they need to win by two goals or more. This makes it harder to have a winner, but the odds increase too, giving you a better return.

Combined Bets

This is where you back the winner of the game and combine it with something else. For example, a team to win and both teams to score in the game, or a team to win and over 2.5 goals in the game. This uses markets mentioned above but adds them together, and when you are doing this and adding stipulations to the bet, the odds on offer are going to increase.

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