Living Room Lighting Design Tips

Written By Alla Levin
February 17, 2020

Living Room Lighting Ideas Design Tips

Even if you have a beautifully designed living room, it won’t serve the purpose it was created if it is dark. Lighting in your living room is vital to consider as it impacts how your living room looks.

Thus, when designing your living room, you need to design your lighting early, too, and pick all the right sources of lights; you’ll need to make an eye-catching impact. It is important to find that perfect balance between functionality and design when lighting your living room. Here are some excellent living room lighting ideas that will make your room more beautiful and brighter.

Pick the Right Mix of Lights

The best way to light a living room is to use different light sources for different areas of the room. You can create layers of lights using different fixtures around the whole space together or independently.

Start from the ceiling and install chandeliers or spotlights, then come down to the wall lights, and the last one would be the table lamps, floor lamps, or lights on the bookshelves. Check must-have new art and design books.

Pick a Focal Point or a Centrepiece

You will have to pick a focal point in your living room, such as the sofa, art on the wall, or the mirror on the wall so that the lights do not compete for your attention. The lights should complement the design of your living room perfectly.

Do not make the room overly crowded by creating multiple focal points. The lighting should allow you to focus on just one amazing thing once you enter the room.

Make a Statement

You can use modern light fixtures from Astro Lighting to make a statement. When you shop online, you should find architectural light pieces that add another dimension to your room. Modern oversized pendant lights look like artwork and will work perfectly with modern, chic living rooms.

Illuminate Dark Corners

Most of us ignore the dark corners of the living rooms, but they are an excellent opportunity to create a stylish corner you would love. One way would be to pick a stylish armchair, place a table and a floor lamp, and it can be your reading nook. It helps you add feature-worthy elements to your living room.

Light Those Wall Art

You can allow others to see your wall art by placing lights over them in the living room. It would work only for canvases and oils, not those framed with glass. You can choose the traditional lights that send a beam downwards or use a downcast fixture placed on the top left or right corner and then twisted to give out light diagonally.

Even though the ‘living room’ concept is quite obvious, it might mean different for different people. Thus, when choosing to light up space, take the needs of yourself and your family into consideration. It is the best way to create a room where everyone will love to spend their time.

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