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Myths and truth about casino slot machines and online slot machines

Unfortunately, there are many different myths about free online slot machines. Perhaps some of them made sense many years ago, with older mechanical devices, but most of them were invented by players.

Below I give an overview of the myths about the online slots, some of them relate to the offline slot machines in gaming halls, but most of them related to online gambling environment.

If the coins in the tray are warm, this means that they have been in the machine for a long time, and the machine has “matured” to pay out the winnings.

Or another version of the myth: if the machine is hot, it means that it will soon give out a big win.

The machine heats up from the work of mechanics and electronics, as well as the backlight. Its temperature speaks only about working time of the slot itself, and not about the chances of winning. The operating time and temperature do not affect the RNG (random number generator), which randomly decides if you win or lose.

If you see how a player leaves the slot machine on which he played for a long time and won almost nothing, he “heated” this slot machine for you so that the slot will give you a win. And vice versa: if you won on the same machine two or more times in a row, stop playing on it. Most likely, this machine should become “cold” and won’t give you winnings anymore.

The “heart” of the machine is RNG; it gives out RANDOM numbers; the outcome of the game is random. The fact of the presence of a losing or winning series in the past does not affect future results. The probability of a successful/unsuccessful game does not change from how things were going on by playing a particular slot machine.

An extended version of the previous myth: each slot machine has specific cycles, all possible combinations “scroll” in a particular order.payouts of a slot machine.

Impossible, all the results are strictly random. There is no relationship between subsequent and previous results. No cycles exist in any of the slot machines.

If a programmer can determine the probability of winning in a slot machine game, then the results of any rotation cannot be random.

This is not true. Reread a textbook on probability theory and understand what mathematical expectation is. The payout percentage in the machine is the mathematical expectation, the average result, which depends on the reamer of the reels and the paytable. This middle version is “realized” only at a distance of many millions of spins. Each individual spin result and the result of each game session is strictly random.

The player sits and plays the slot machine that you just left, and immediately gets a big win (or even a jackpot). He stole your jackpot!

The RNG of the gaming machine constantly generates numbers at a speed of several million per second. Specific numbers are selected the moment the player clicks on the start button. Accordingly, you could get a jackpot if you started the game in the same microsecond as the lucky one. Personally, I doubt you could “guess” that one multi-millionth of a second to win. At least in the previous hours of the game, you did not succeed, and in fact, during this time, the prime numbers could occur thousands of times.

Several myths imply that casinos can easily customize the payouts of a slot machine. For example, they do not recommend playing the machines that the technician approached, or they even think that in case of your win, a tech-guy will come and “tweak” the slot machine. So, some players recommend playing during “profitable” or “good” time when no technicians are near.winning in a slot machine game

In fact, the procedure for reprogramming the machine is quite complicated. You need to turn off the machine, remove the board, reflash the chip, check, put it back, so you can’t quickly implement it. In addition, flashing the machine in most countries is illegal. Manufacturers of slot machines themselves (both offline and in large online casinos) do not provide the possibility of changing the percentage of payments return.

Again, the further development of the myth implies that the casino can not only change the percentage of payments but directly affect the loss or win of a particular player. For example, if a player loses for a long time, it starts to get nervous, wants to leave the machine, casino “allows” him to win. Or the casino gives a serious win to a high roller so that he plays longer in this casino.

Once again, first of all, the results are determined by the RNG. Secondly, the casino cannot interfere with the operation of the slot machine. Of course, we are talking about normal online casinos and offline slot machines from major manufacturers, not the ones that not even licensed.

In the bonus game, the result of the player’s choice is predetermined, and it does not depend on which “box” the player chooses.

In fact, the arrangement of winnings in the “boxes” is made before the risk-game and is random (chance is 50/50 if you must select one box out of two).

 A computer chip inside of a slot machine can “understand” a game with a big bet from a game with a small bet, the percentage of payments depends on this.

Of course, it can “understand” it, but the payout percentage will remain the same no matter if you made a big or small bet.

Reel layout and payout table in some slots can be changed by the player, but the payout percentage cannot be altered by player nor casino. The only thing to remember is that when playing with a large number of coins in some machines, there may be an increased win chance, but this can be seen from the payout table.

There are betting systems that allow you to win in slots.betting systems that allow you to win in slots.

This is not true. No betting system changes the expectation of the game; it can only affect the variance (fluctuations in results). No slot with a negative expectation can be turned into a plus (we are talking only about expectation) by changing the size of bets.

There are actions to increase the chances of winning. For example, it is advised to use heated/cooled coins, or slowly press the start button, etc.

I’m afraid that the RNG algorithm doesn’t take into account the temperature of coins, as well as your horseshoe, four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, lucky ticket, etc.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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