4 Reasons Why You Should Try Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Written By Alla Levin
February 28, 2020
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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Unwanted hair can be a real pain, but there are plenty of different ways to deal with it. You can shave it or wax it, or even use hair removal creams. However, the best way to deal with unwanted hair is to have laser treatments. These are just some of the reasons why laser treatments are so good. 

Long-Lasting Results

When you shave or wax, the hair will grow back relatively quickly and you will have to keep on top of it. Hair removal creams give longer-lasting effects, but the hair will still grow back eventually. However, a few sessions of laser hair removal treatments will damage the hair follicles so that the hair does not grow back for a long while. You will only need to touch up treatments once a year or so, and in the long term, it is very cost-effective because you don’t need to keep paying for waxing kits and hair removal creams. 

Anybody Can Use It men laser hair removal

The other great thing about laser treatments is that they can be used by anybody. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is or how sensitive it is, the laser treatments will work. You can even buy your own professional laser hair removal machine for home-usage.

They are not just for women either, men can also do laser hair removal treatments as well, and this is becoming a lot more popular these days. Some people may find that waxing or using hair removal creams irritate their skin, but that isn’t a problem with laser treatments. 

There Are Fewer Side Effects

Other hair removal techniques have a lot of side effects. Shaving, for example, can lead to razor burn and dry irritated skin. Waxing and shaving can both cause ingrown hairs, which are very painful. Hair removal creams aren’t great either because they are made using a lot of harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. It is important that you protect your skin, especially as you get older, so these hair removal methods are not ideal.

But with laser treatments, you won’t get these side effects.  The laser is very precise, so it will affect the hair without damaging any of the skin around it. You may notice some slight redness, which will pass very quickly, and that’s about it. 

It’s Quick Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Waxing and shaving can take a while, especially in hard-to-reach areas, and hair removal creams need to be applied and then left on for a while before they work. But laser hair removal treatments are so fast because the laser is so efficient. Each pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a second and it will treat a fairly large area.

Small areas like the upper lip can be treated in under a minute. Larger areas like the legs or the back may take up to an hour. However, you only need somewhere between 3 and 7 sessions, and the hair will never grow back again.  If you are fed up with shaving and waxing your unwanted body hair, you should give laser hair removal treatments a try. 

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