Why Nursing Is Most Important Jobs Around

Written By Alla Levin
March 03, 2020

Why Nursing Is Most Important Jobs Around

Nursing is up there among one of the most popular roles you can do when it comes to popular jobs. Yet, while it may be prevalent, it may shock you to know that many countries are still suffering from a nursing shortage.

The first thing we should point out here is that while nursing is one of the best jobs around, it does come with some serious downfalls that need to be addressed before it can be one of the most sustainable jobs around. So today, we are going to be looking at why such an amazing job is seeing such shortage, and then we will turn things positive and show you why nursing is one of the most understated and most important jobs around. 

The Downfalls Of Nursing

We will start this post by looking at one of the most shocking facts about nursing, and that is how desperately underpaid nurses are today and always have been. But, unfortunately, it seems that there has always been a universal rule that you have people who sit in their ivory towers and take in all the money, while the people laying the real work are the ones suffering. 

In no other career is this as true as it is with nursing. It seems that over the last decade, highly skilled and trained nurses have finally had enough of not being able to afford to live, and they are forced out of the profession they love so much. 

Why Nurses Are AmazingWhy Nurses Are Amazing

The first thing we are going to address here is just how amazing nurses are. While we may have all been guilty of thanking a doctor for their diagnosis in the past, the truth is, the doctors generally do very little. 

While doctors may be very qualified, 90% of the time, any diagnosis they come up with comes from a laboratory machine, still certified and recertified in basic life-saving skills (BLS), which would come in handy. So if you think they asked for specific tests because they had a hunch, you are, in fact, mistaken again, it’s simply a matter of taking everything the nurse has found out and sending it off for analysis.

While Hollywood would have you believe that doctors are amazing and caring diagnosing machines, this is far from the case. The truth is, nurses are the people with the patients and the people who genuinely care the most. More often than not, if you have a nurse practitioner who can prescribe, you will find that you won’t actually see a doctor as the nurse will take control of pretty much everything.

The final thing we are going to talk about is the number of work nurses put in; not only do they study for many years, whether attending college or a Nursing program, after this, but they also hone a completely new set of skills when it comes to patient care and so much more. So, if you think that you would like a career in medicine that actually involves caring for patients, then maybe nursing is the best option for you.

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