Topics That Are Covered In Major Digital Marketing Courses

Written By Alla Levin
March 07, 2020

 Topics That Are Covered In Major Digital Marketing Courses

The scope of Digital Marketing has seen a spurt of growth in the past decade. With the generalization of online shopping and access to the internet, people have to look forward to advancements in digital marketing.

The demand for this field has increased rapidly and hence is in need of more resources. Getting into Digital Marketing will not only be beneficial for you as a producer, but also for consumers.

If you live in Pune and wish to take this course in order to use the knowledge, you can look up digital marketing courses in Pune.

There are several institutes that avail courses in Digital Marketing, but within it come multiple modules. It is important that you know which course, in particular, you wish to specialize in.

Therefore, here is a guide to help you understand the basic nature of the topics that are covered in major Digital Marketing courses.


It stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This concept refers to the increase in quality and quantity of traffic to a certain website by directing more people to the web page when it is put into the search engine, which is unpaid results and is more of natural or organic results.

A good institute will teach both SEO ON and SEO OFF

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are currently the best place to promote a product or business. The majority of people have access to Social Media these days, and usually spend a lot of time there.

It is also easy to influence people into checking a business out by filtering out their likes and dislikes. Social Media Marketing is the pioneer of Digital Marketing

Email Marketingdigital marketing courses in Pune

This works well with people who have active email accounts and check their inboxes on a regular basis.

You must have noticed that you receive email from clothing brands, or restaurants, which you have either visited before, or it seems like something you would potentially be interested in.

This is the gist of Email Marketing; promoting a product, business, or service, through emails that advertise said business

Google Analytics

The Digital Marketing course you take must train you on how to use and navigate Google Analytics, which will eventually lead to learning how to optimize the search engine.

This web analytics service allows you to track and report traffic on the website that you wish to promote

Content Marketing

This aspect of Digital Marketing focuses on creating, publishing, content that is made for a specific targeted audience, and then finally distributing it.

This helps consumers get an in-depth understanding of what the business you promote entails, or what are the benefits and utilities of the product that is marketed to them

Affiliate Marketingdigital marketing courses in PCMC

Through this type of marketing, one person can get the benefit from promoting products of other retailers.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways of promoting products because it instills a sense of reliability amongst other consumers who see a person advertising the product they use.

Your digital marketing course will allow you to understand how commercialization like this works, to get organic responses, and authentic consumers

Other than these topics, there are several more aspects of marketing, which come under the Digital Marketing course – Blogging, App Creation, Freelancing, Online Lead Generation, Video Marketing, etc.

Major Digital Marketing: Final Thoughts!

After getting to know the nature of major topics that are covered in the digital marketing course, you can now choose whether you wish to pursue this field of knowledge.And if you do, you can search for digital marketing courses in PCMC, and get your certificate to use your education professionally.

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