How to Improve Your Website to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Written By Alla Levin
July 25, 2019

Improving Website to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to bring in money. The issue with affiliate marketing, however, is that it requires you to have and manage a very successful online presence that people trust and buy with. They need to want to use your link in order to buy a product or service, and if they don’t trust you or know you, your dream of being a successful affiliate marketer will never take off.

Why Does Your Affiliate Marketing Need a Great Website?

Improving your social personal and social media accounts is a great start, but the fact is unless you have a website that people can go to and trust as a valid source of information very few will use your link.

Trying to do this solely through social media will more often than not direct your followers directly to the company in question.

You want your followers and visitors to stay on your site so that when they decide to buy a product you endorse you get a piece of the pie. There are so many benefits to owning and managing a great, reputable site that enjoys many repeat visits, and these benefits include:

  • Repeat Visits
  • Get to the First Page of Google
  • Improved Trust
  • Relationship Building
  • Reputation Management
  • Multiple Income Streams

With a great website, you can boost affiliate marketing income, provide ad space (so long as it is tasteful and not annoying people will be fine with an ad being on your site). You can even offer services, create workshops that they can subscribe to, and build up an email list.

What Makes a Great Website to Google?boost affiliate marketing

A great way to start overhauling and improving your website is to fix it in accordance with Google. Today complying with SEO means more than just tricking Google. It means creating a website that is beautiful, a breeze to use, and offers quality content your users will enjoy.


More than half of users will abandon a website or page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Though you won’t always be in control – poor internet connection will always be an issue – there are things you can do to speed up your website.

One such strategy is to switch hosting providers. Quality web hosts like offer great speed and services, so your users can enjoy a fast loading site without any interruption.


There are two main ways to improve site security on your website. The first is to obtain an SSL Certificate. You do need to pay for this certificate, but don’t be fooled. The SSL certificate is not just a banner that states your site is secure; it is a protocol that encrypts connections to your website.

The other security method you can use is to invest in a security seal. Similar to the SSL certificate, this seal does more than just offer a security accolade for your users. It will parse through your files and keep an eye out for malware that might have infected your site and notify you if there has been a breach.

Either you purchase a single domain, multi-domain, wildcard SSL certificate, or any other certificate, you will have a free security site seal (either dynamic or static) that you can put on any webpage of your website.


Google might keep most of what they look for with their algorithm guardedly private, but this fact, they made it loud and clear: mobile-first. With mobile users on the rise, it is critical that you ensure your website is not just responsive but is designed first and foremost to look and work wonderfully when accessed with a small screen.

High-Quality Content

Content is king, and posting consistently is one of the best ways to improve your ranking on Google and to offer new information to keep your customers and followers returning to your website. Longer content, content full of stats, and content that is well-formatted and can be read through easily online are valuable.

Updating old content as information changes, however, is even better. Check these online writing tools that every writer needs to use.

Before you write a new blog post, go through and update old articles so that they can enjoy a renewed life.

Well-Formed Website

Your website should be easy to use, navigate, and have zero broken links or misdirects. Learn what is Search Engine Marketing, and how it can build your business?

Frequent Updates

Posting high-quality content or updated old content is a great way to keep the content and your website itself fresh. With hundreds of millions of stale websites out there, the mere act of staying active with yours is how you can boost your ranking and keep customers returning.

What Makes a Great Website to Customers?online writing tools

A great website to customers is fast, secure, easy to use, and is great to look at. Essentially, it is everything you already have done to appeal to Google. The only difference is that you need to be active with them as well. If they comment, reply. Build a conversation that feels organic and genuine to really gain their trust.

How Can You Improve Your Strategy?

It is important to remember that most customers when buying online go through a series of steps before they commit. You can circumnavigate this process by putting a time limit on the sale, but that strategy does not always work. Instead, you will want to provide them with a reason to return again and again so that they can become fully convinced of the series of products you recommend and have affiliate marketing agreements with. This means creating guides, videos, tutorials, and more so that they:

  1. Don’t feel the need to go anywhere else
  2. Trust that you are committed to telling the truth

Integrating with Google Analytics & Ads

In order to have better insights into your blog’s performance you should start by integrating your affiliate sales into Google Analytics, and while you gain experience also into Facebook or Google Ads. This can be done with We Can Track’s JavaScript or affiliate WordPress plugin which also has a free starters package.

After setting up this plugin you can dive into your Google Analytics reports and get to know your visitors better. Now you will see which; landing page, traffic source, or content piece is making you the most affiliate sales. The next thing to do is to start optimizing.

Be Honest With Your Affiliate MarketingQuality web hosts

If you want people to buy from you, then you will ideally want to cater to a niche and then be very selective with which products you recommend. If a person buys something using your affiliate link, great, but if they also trust you in the process that they return and buy something else you have recommended you have a lifelong customer.

To build up this trust, be honest. If you have stopped recommending one item, say why. These are not your products, and they are not why you are making money, the users who trust you and want to buy the items you recommend are. Provide them with great service and partner with companies to earn money by marketing products that you 100% back.

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