Ring Dinger Chiropractic

Written By Alla Levin
March 11, 2020

Ring Dinger Chiropractic

Non-surgical chiropractic spinal decompression likewise alluded to as Ring Dinger, works via cautiously extending spine and rectifying it to ease the heat off the squeezed nerves and herniated, protruding, or harmed spinal circles—which are gel-like pads between the bones and holds the spine together.

Easing the heat off the spine structure helps evacuate any impedances and advance the solid progression of water, oxygen and supplement rich liquids into the circles all through the spine and trigger your body.

Dr. Gregory Johnson is a Chiropractor situated in Texas who has become a YouTube sensation after he began utilizing a strategy he has marked the Ring Dinger Chiropractic Patients lie on their backs with their hips secured set up, and Gregory at that point wraps a towel under the patients’ jawline and base of the skull and applies a push.

As indicated by Gregory, the ‘Ring Dinger’ gives a full-body alteration.

The Ring Dinger is a general manipulative strategy where the professional is utilizing a towel to pick up influence on the patient’s head to increase a short, long-pivot interruption of the spinal joints of the neck.

The goal of this method would be to “hole” the joints of the cervical spine, subsequently meaning to have a significant impact.

By utilizing a towel; the professional can switch more power (contrasted and utilizing just hands)

Who are we?Ring Dinger Chiropractic

Ring dinger Chiropractic is a built-up gathering of multidisciplinary rehearses across 20+ areas. Our Doctors are knowledgeable about observing individuals for a scope of musculoskeletal protests.

We offer a scope of conventional and present-day systems.

Our practices have proficient, present-day, and quality offices that guide our group in giving chiropractic and normal medicinal services.

Among our offices, we have current chiropractic tables, spinal flexion-interruption tables, x-beam offices, Carestream radiographic processors.

Posture Ray X-beam investigation programming, postural examination equipment, changing instruments including numerous “Arthrosis” adjustors, Atlas instruments, Omni drop piece tables, and Cliniko the executives programming.

Our Chiropractors are moved on from Chiropractic partners far and wide. Our Chiropractors proceed with their preparation through expert instructive workshops and preparing classes.

A few of our chiropractors are affirmed in the Atlas Orthogonal method, which is a procedure identifying with the upper neck.

A portion of our Chiropractors joins forces with RMIT University offering progressing help to new alumni chiropractors, by being a clinical coach to conclusive year understudies by means of the M-PIL program.

Our training accomplices with social insurance understudies, different Chiropractors, and professionals to embrace clinical perception, work on coaching and field preparation.

The air of the training is perfect, inviting, and warm, which helps recuperate and recuperation. We work intimately with a huge system of associated wellbeing experts who are arranged both locally to the training and state-wide.

These organizations permit us to allude to others where required, to furnish patients with appropriate human services where required. We have our group of associated experts situated at our practices – these incorporate a Kinesiologist, Psychologist, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Myotherapists, and more Chiropractors and Massage advisors.

At Ring ding Chiropractic, we will probably deal with your musculoskeletal conditions to our best capacity and allude or co-deal with your condition with other wellbeing experts whenever required.

What do we do?Appreciate Pain-Free Life


Chiropractic centers around the musculoskeletal capacity of the body and how well each of these parts cooperates. Chiropractic is generally performed through manual Chiropractic systems that incorporate “modifications” or “controls,” also called “breaking.” Chiropractic modifications are intended to be performed just when expected to a joint so the body can perform ideally through a typical joint scope of movement.

Canadians from all over Alberta are looking for such treatments due to pain, inflammation, and discomfort caused by physical injuries or underlying health conditions. A skilled Calgary Chiropractor will perform treatments that can help alleviate this pain and discomfort, improve joint mobility, and ultimately restore normal body function. This includes adjusting specific spinal vertebrae using various techniques, such as the “Ring Dinger” technique.

Medicinal Massage

It is integral to chiropractic from multiple points of view. It is a delicate tissue treatment with the expectation to diminish pressure or solidness through a gathering of muscles or joints.

Therapeutic Massage isn’t your common unwinding rub. The vast majority of our areas have a Remedial Massage advisor accessible for individuals who may require some progressively delicate tissue or muscle work.


Some of our Remedial Massage advisors have gone on and done further preparation to become Myotherapists. A Myotherapist is a Remedial Massage Therapist who has finished the investigation and prepared life systems, treatment application, and demonstrative evaluation. A myotherapist may utilize dry needling, measuring, and assemblies.

Appreciate Pain-Free Life Again with Spinal Decompression!

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