Tips for Creating a Smart Business

Written By Alla Levin
March 12, 2020
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Tips for Creating a Smart Business

As the world continues to get “Smart” with smart TVs, smartphones, smart cars, and even smart thermostats, it’s time we looked at how to create a “Smart Business”.

Technology is allowing us to create ultra-efficient and functional business spaces.

Here are 5 tips for creating a smart business.

Renewable Energy

Energy efficiency should be a top priority of any business.

As the focus on climate change continues to grow, businesses must start to implement energy-efficient solutions.

Soon, businesses may face penalties and even legal action for not doing so.

One quick way to boost the energy efficiency of your business is to adopt renewable energy and energy-efficient appliances. 

Solar PV is a great start allowing you to harness the power of the sun to generate the electricity for your business.

Solar technology has come leaps and bounds over the last decade to become a very real and tangible option.

The initial payout for installation is drastically less than when the technology was first introduced.

The ROI is shorter than ever and the result will see your business going off-grid and becoming self-sustaining. 

Energy Efficiency tesla supercharger map

Company cars can be upgraded to electric vehicles to help reduce energy use outside of the office too.

Your employees can be armed with a tesla supercharger map allowing them to attend meetings all around the country in a connected and efficient manner.

In the office, everything from your AC to your printer can now be upgraded to a more energy-efficient appliance.

Lighting is a popular choice that sees the best returns for the business. Lights are used all day every day so anything that can dramatically drop your energy bills is the winner.

Smart LED lighting does just this and increases your lighting experience for employees and customers.

AC units certified by Energy-Star can also help to reduce energy costs making your business energy-efficient and saving you money in the process.

Smart Technology

Smartphones, smart computers, smart printers, smart tablets, and smart TVs can all be linked via one network giving you complete control of all your devices.

This can help significantly in making your business more efficient and productive.

This is all made possible with the Internet of Things (IoT). A revolutionary piece of technology that uses multiple forms of sensors to detect occupancy.

It collects data and information by communicating with all your devices and platform to provide you with essential insights on office usage.

Using that information it can then give recommendations on how you can work smarter and more efficiently all from one dashboard. 

Smart Centralized SoftwareSmart Centralized Software

All your current software can be integrated with all your devices so that your employees can work on multiple platforms in one centralized piece of software.

This allows your team to save huge amounts of time switching between various software or tools.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software allows your team to work on everything in one platform with access from anywhere in the world at any time.

This makes team projects streamlined and more productive. You can have a global team all collaborating in realtime in one piece of software.

DAMs allow you to integrate all your favorite software so that your communication, marketing, advertising, sales, operations, and accounting is all managed in one place.

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