Steps To Take Now to Make it Easier to Get Into Grad School

Written By Alla Levin
March 19, 2020

Steps To Take Now to Make it Easier to Getting into Grad School

To get into the grad school of your choice, you need to impress the admissions officer. So, you have to know what they are looking for and how to give it to them.

Learn how to write a strong personal statement

The best graduate schools rely on being able to attract well-rounded people. Doing so creates a strong student body, fosters co-operation, and ensures that everyone is focused on learning. So, what you say in your personal statement matters. This article by Scribbr explains exactly how to write one that will impress.

Work to tick some of the non-academic boxesWork to tick some of the non-academic boxes

You need to show that you are familiar with your field of study. Tell them what you want to study and the goals you have. But, it is also important to be able to tell them about the things you have already achieved. Being able to demonstrate that you are a good leader, volunteering, and having non-academic interests can all help.

Answer all of the questions you are asked

Whether it is at the application or the interview stage, be sure to answer all of the questions that you are asked. Not doing so will only seem evasive.

Extensive Research

List down the schools you will like to attend and the courses you would like to take. It will help you focus on a particular goal as you put in the hard work. Be sure to have choices as backup plans. You should make sure that you prepare yourself with the appropriate content you might need if you are called for an interview. Research on the stages you will need to take to get into grad school. 

Different grad schools have other qualifications for their specific courses. In particular, medical schools have strict measures to ensure that they pick the best and most passionate. It is easy for you to lose it once you are summoned for the interview. Here are some tips on how to prepare for med school interview. It will help you collect your thoughts, be confident, and ace that interview.

Be honest

It is important not to lie or exaggerate your achievements. Most of the facts you include will be checked, at some stage. The last thing you want is to be asked for an interview but be rejected later due to an inaccuracy on your application.

But that does not mean that you should not do your best not to paint yourself in a bad light. If you are not asked to share your weaknesses, don’t do so. Also, try not to be too self-deprecating. Humility is good but running yourself down is not. It sends a strong message that you lack confidence.

Show them you have something new to offerSteps To Take Now to Make it Easier to Get Into Grad School

When you write your personal statement, you should outline what areas you are interested in researching. Take your time and think carefully about what you say. Graduate schools ‘value original thinkers’. So, as you go through your degree course be on the lookout for something special to investigate. Doing this will significantly increase the chances of your being able to impress when you apply to your chosen grad school.

Show some passion

Grad school is hard work, so you need to be passionate about what you are doing. There are lots of ways for you to demonstrate your love for your field. Blogging about it, taking on work experience, and teaching or mentoring others are just a few options.

Where to get more information

The above tips will prove useful. But, if you would like to know more you can do so by reading this more in-depth article. It covers the subject of getting through the interview process as well as filling out your application. This how not to do it article should prove useful too.

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