How Safe is it to Unlock Screen by Face Recognition?

Written By Alla Levin
March 25, 2020
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How Safe is it to Unlock Screen by Face Recognition?

Unlock screen by face recognition: even though it seems that the AI gets better and better every day, unlocking your screen with only your face is not a new feature.

Google had already introduced it in 2011. It didn’t become a game-changer. It took some time for the phone to recognize your face, and the process was not without its faults.

It was only 6 years later that the face recognition technology became a much more popular feature among the users.

It was much quicker and more secure.

Still, even now, it is possible to cheat face recognition technology, and it is not a rare occurrence either.

All the major companies know it as well, which is why they inform the users that face recognition is a less secure method than an iris scan, PIN, or even a password.

If you want to make it harder for hackers to steal your private data, you could start using a VPN.

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So why do people use it? Well, because it’s practical. We have to memorize long strings of passwords to all sorts of accounts – email, social media, bank.

Not everyone’s memory is without fault, and as a result, every alternative seems like a good choice.

Are those users unaware that, in this case, convenience could become dangerous very quickly?

Well, it is not the first time people are happy to trade their safety for convenience.

We share our private information with the external world on social media all the time.

It is then no surprise that people are eager to make their lives a little bit easier, even if it could potentially allow hackers to gain access to their phones.

Perhaps in the future, face recognition technology will become more secure for its users, though for now, it is advised to choose alternative methods.

If you want to learn more about face recognition technology, then check out this infographic, provided by VPN Compare.Unlock Screen by Face Recognition

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