Benefits of Elevated Pet Bowl

Written By Alla Levin
March 27, 2020
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Benefits of Elevated Pet Bowl

There are different pet bowls available for different pets. You can choose a suitable bowl for your dog or cat depending on their eating habits. So far, the elevated pet bowl is gaining immense popularity. As the name suggests, elevated pet dishes are raised off the floor.

They are specifically designed for senior dogs and pooches that have grown older and taller. So, elevated bowls make it convenient for your dogs to eat food. Now that the bowls are raised off the floor, your pet doesn’t need to lean down to eat and drink.

There are multiple options available for elevated feeder bowls. You can buy double bowls, single bowls, and stands made of wood. Know how to raise a dog bowl. But before you shop for these convenient and durable pet dishes, let’s have a look at their benefits.

Benefits of Elevated Pet Bowl: Medical BenefitsBenefits of Elevated Pet Bowl

Pet owners must have heard of Megaesophagus, a medical condition in which the esophagus of your pets expands and it gets difficult for the food and liquid to get to the stomach. As a result, your pet regurgitates its meals. In some cases, the food stays in your pet’s throat or is pushed down to their lungs, causing it to decay.

The regular pet bowls make the condition worse by making your pet lean down to eat. Elevated bowls allow your pets to stand in an upright position and have their meals in the best possible way.

For a smoother experience, you could pair these bowls with a vertical chair. Not only does the elevated feeder help with Megaesophagus, but it’s a great way to treat bloating and other digestion issues in your pet. Though it isn’t scientifically proved, pet owners believe that elevated feeders keep your pets fit and healthy.

Maintain a Proper Posture

You must have seen the dogs lying on the floor while eating. Even if you have served the food in the standard stainless steel bowl, there is a good chance they will lie down while eating. It is easy and convenient for dogs to access the food in the bowl while lying down rather than having to lean down to eat. You already know how many medical and health problems can arise due to this. Not only does it cause strain, but many digestive issues. Buy your dog an elevated feeder and make it convenient for them to have their meals in an upright position.

Reduce Strain

Research suggests how the pet bowls lying on the floor can increase strain. First of all, your pet has to lean down to eat and drink, causing a significant amount of stress on their neck.

After they eat food from the bowl, they have to raise their neck to be able to swallow the food and get it down to their stomach. Imagine the amount of stress they suffer while eating. In fact, that’s the main reason why most dogs prefer to lie down on the floor when eating from a typical bowl. They find it easier that way.

And, that’s not all! The regular bowls cause stress on your pet’s shoulders, joints, and hips. It is important for homeowners to consider buying an elevated feeder, especially for senior dogs or the ones suffering from arthritis and joint-related or spinal problems. An elevated feeder reduces your stress as well. Now, you no longer need to lean down to fill the dish every day.

Reduce Messdog will eat in a proper posture

Does your dog love to splash the liquid or food from the bowl? Do they swim in their food dish? Well, the elevated feeder is the right solution for such pets. Since they are raised off the ground, it is highly unlikely for your dog to splash in it. It is almost impossible for your pet to reach the bowl and swim in it. They can only eat or drink.

Raised feeders reduce mess around your home. Your dog will eat in a proper posture, without splashing or swimming in the bowl. They won’t drop their food across the room. Moreover, elevated bowls are considerably hygienic than standard pet dishes. With a raised feeder, your pet will no longer lie on the floor and contaminate their food with furs and dirt from the ground.

Final Words

Elevated bowls allow your dogs to eat calmly. If you are still having those traditional bowls, it is high time you upgraded them. Get your dog a high-quality and robust elevated feeder. Take care of their posture and medical health while allowing them to enjoy their meals!

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