Do You Need Backlinks in 2024?

Written By Alla Levin
March 27, 2020

Do You Need Backlinks in 2024?

Backlinks play a vital role in building your brand’s credibility, earning you a top ranking in the search engines, and promoting your brand online. If you are in search of the best strategy for SEO and online marketing, Backlink can help you build your brand by promoting your content across several websites and digital marketing channels.

Whether Backlink is important in 2021 or not has been a major question for SEO experts these days.

ClickSlice says they’re super important still and will rule the internet marketing for years. Before we discuss the top ways to boost your online presence by adopting the best link building strategies, let’s have a quick look at the meaning of white label link building and its role in SEO.

What is Link Building?What is Link Building

Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO. It focuses on promoting a brand across multiple web pages for brand awareness and traffic generation. Basically, the strategy helps bloggers and marketers to get their blogs published on their competitor’s webpage.

You create content, write unique and informative blogs, and submit them to other websites. To return the favor, the publishers link back to your brand. There are mainly two benefits of link building:

  • It drives organic traffic to your website;
  • It improves your SERP rankings by allowing Google spiders to crawl your website through the inbound links.

When a viewer sees the backlink that redirects the user to another website, they only see the part of the link. However, Google considers the whole hyperlink format to draw important data from it. Google extracts more information than the heading of your post. That being said, link building becomes an essential part of your SEO strategy. Each backlink you receive from a high authority website tells Google “this content is reliable, unique, and useful”. The more backlinks you collect the higher your SERP ranking goes.

Though Google keeps on updating its algorithm from time to time, a backlink is the only SEO method that’s still considered an important ranking factor. A backlink is Google’s powerful and top-ranking signal.

What Types of Backlinks Do you Need in 2020?What Types of Backlinks Do you Need in 2020

Not all backlinks can get you a high SERP ranking on Google. The focus of the blogger or an eCommerce website owner should be on high-quality backlinks. A quality backlink is the one that comes from a high-authority website. According to digital marketing experts, one high-quality backlink is much stronger than 2,000 low-quality links.

The question is how do you know if the backlink you receive is of high-quality or not? Would you rather prefer to get a backlink from Neil Patel or a random website? Well, Google considers the authority of the domain before considering a backlink. This is what we call the ‘Domain Authority’ approach. According to the research, TechCrunch has a high DA (Domain Authority) rate.

That being said, the backlink received from TechCrunch will worth more than the same received from a random webpage.

Backlink From the Relevant WebsiteCollecting backlinks

Another condition of the backlink approach is the relevancy of the website. Is the website linking to your website relevant to your brand? For example, you wouldn’t expect a website selling apparel and women’s accessories to link to your digital marketing company unless you have purchased a backlink (which is a black link-building approach).

As Google’s ranking algorithm has improved, there’s a good chance they will catch your blackhat link building tactic and penalize your website.Collecting backlinks from a random website isn’t going to help your search rankings. You must focus on high-authority websites and generate quality backlinks in 2020.

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