Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter At Home With Your Family

Written By Alla Levin
April 02, 2020

Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter At Home With Your Family

Traditionally, many of spending our time outdoors with our families at Easter.

We go on walks, bike rides, and perhaps even attend church events that are held in celebration of the Easter season. 

Unfortunately, thanks to the impact of the coronavirus, many of us will be staying at home during the Easter period, and for those of us with families, trying to find things to do might be a little difficult.

Well, fear not. We have some ideas below, so you can still enjoy Easter at home.

Wearing an Easter bonnet while having fun is entirely optional!

#1: Have fun with an egg!egg painting

Easter and eggs go hand in hand, quite literally, if you are passing them out to your children at home.

So, if you have any eggs in your house, be they of the chocolate or chicken-hatched kind, do something with them.

So, you might have a traditional egg painting competition.

Dig out your paint and craft supplies, and have a friendly competition with your family to see who can come up with the best design.

Here are some examples if your family needs a little inspiration. 

You might also have an egg and spoon race. This might be difficult indoors, but if you have an outdoor playing area, you could all spend some time outside.

You could have an egg treasure hunt too, be that indoors or out in your garden, so hide the eggs, set your kids some clues, and see how many they can find. 

And you could have some fun with a creme egg. So, as well as eating them (obviously), you could have a game of ‘how do you eat yours’ by setting your kids’ special challenges.

You might get them to eat a creme egg blindfolded, for example, or give them some chopsticks instead of a fork or a spoon.

You might also educate your kids on some fun facts about these chocolatey goodies, using this website to find out some info.

#2: Get busy in the kitchenFun Ways To Celebrate Easter At Home With Your Family

Put your aprons on and spend some time in the kitchen making something Easter-related.

You could make a bunny-shaped cake, and your children could help decorate it with candies and chocolate goodies.

Or you could help your children make the bunny and chicken-shaped cookies, or you could all try your hand at creating some of these delicious Easter desserts.

Sure, there will be a lot of washing up to do afterward, but the edible rewards you will all be able to eat are more than worth it. 

#3: Egg your neighborsmake an Easter basket

Not literally, of course, as that would be terrible (even to those neighbors you don’t get on with).

Rather, we are thinking of those neighbors that you do like, and who might be in need of some cheering up during this difficult time.

Together with your children, make an Easter basket, and then fill it with chocolate eggs, decorated eggs, and perhaps a message of love to spread the Easter message of goodness and hope.

Then leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep, ring their bell, and with your children, hide behind a wall and watch the delighted look on your neighbor’s faces when they see what you have done for them.

Then shout ‘you’ve been egged,’ and wish them a happy Easter (from a distance, of course). 

Those were just a few ideas, but we are sure you can come up with more. Let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Easter!

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