5 Tips How to Choose Football Girdles

Written By Alla Levin
March 18, 2017

Choosing Football Girdles

Choosing the proper football girdles for your game is not always easy. It would help if you considered many factors such as quality, price, brand, comfort, and material. This guide will show you the five simple tips you can use to choose the best one.

Football is a challenging sport that you constantly need enough supportive and protective gear. This is the kind of sport where injuries to any body part may happen anytime, especially to the hips, tailbones, and thighs. That’s why it’s always ideal for wearing something that holds a protective cup to your lower body. One of the football essentials that you should possess is a football girdle.

This clothing is a thin sleeve that a player wears under the football pants. It is designed to provide safety and is especially recommended to running backs and those who constantly have intense contact with the opponents.

How To Pick The Right Football Pants With Knee Pads

It`s not hard to find the best football girdle with knee pads. Below are the steps you should remember when choosing and buying football girdles.

Find the right size

Before anything else, you need to know your size, particularly your waist size. Do this by using a tape measure. Next, determine whether you want a tighter or a looser girdle. There are brands such as Nike that design girdles in smaller sizes, so if you prefer this brand, put a little allowance on the sizes and make sure to order a little bigger size than your size. The best thing to determine the right fit for you is to buy it in a store so you can fit it.

Move the pads around

Try moving the pads around when you feel like you have chosen the right fit. You will know if you have selected the right girdle if the pads are tightly secured on your hips and are not sliding and moving around easily. If the pads move easily, choose another girdle with a smaller size.

This is for you to make sure that all throughout the game, you will be comfortable and will not be distracted when it suddenly pulls down.

Pay attention to the fabric

All football girdles are made up of the same type of fabric, which is stretchy. This type of fabric prevents you from sweating away. Take note that the pads in a girdle are already built-in, and each girdle has the same thickness of the padding. You do not need to remove or add more padding to them. This is a major positive as more football gear would become restrictive to the players.

Prefer b\Brand and Choose Football Girdles

Some stores sell second-hand football girdles. Although they are quite tempting because of their less high prices, it is always good to choose brand new ones.

There’s always a risk for infection when you are using used clothing. You do not want to get a skin infection, so better opt for brand new. A recommended brand is Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Girdle.

Find the best deal

You can find girdles of various brands online. Usually, these products come at low prices when you buy them on Amazon or Etsy. Take note, however, that girdles that come cheap may not have as much padding, and they may not offer you much protection against injuries when you are in the field.

When buying online, make sure that you choose the right size and the best quality if you are keen on the brands, known brands with great attributes such as Nike, Champion Sports, SKLZ, Pro-Down, and several others.

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