Benefits Of Product Kitting And Assembly Services

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2020
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Benefits Of Product Kitting And Assembly Services

Any company which operates via selling goods must concern themselves with fulfillment services at some point.

In general terms, this relates to fulfilling your duties to send someone the product they have purchased or requested via any other means possible, for example.

They may have won a competition which your business has been running.

Therefore you need to decipher how you are going to deal with the order with regards to shipping and packaging. 

There are several options at your disposal. A general pick and pack service is a widely utilized selection.

Nevertheless, you should turn your attention to the possibility of product kitting and assembly services.

This is an option that can result in a vast array of benefits if applicable to your business.

As the name suggests, this relates to the assembling of several products into a kit.

This is a service that is applicable to almost any business. Nevertheless, some of the most obvious examples are as follows; beauty gift sets, instructional packets, and game console sets. 

Freight Services

You can get product kitting as a standalone service or as part of a package, combined with freight services and all other fulfillment areas.

Product kitting offers a much more efficient method of fulfillment services, with time efficiency being one of the main benefits. An example is the best way to illustrate this point.

Let’s say you’re a weight loss company; you sell healthy food and supplement products, you offer exercise programs, you provide weight loss consultants, and so on and so forth.

When someone becomes a member of your business, you may wish to send them a welcome letter with a couple of free product samples – a diet health shake and a diet chocolate bar.

When the fulfillment center receives the product load, they can immediately begin putting the contents into boxes because they know that each set is going to be exactly the same.

Thus, when a customer becomes a member, all of the prior work will have been done, and therefore the only thing the fulfillment center needs to do is to send the package. 

Get Rid of Excess Inventory

Product kitting and assembly services also offer fantastic opportunities when it comes to innovative methods of getting rid of closeout stock.

A lot of businesses fall victim to surplus stock, and there are many reasons as to why this may accumulate.

Merchandise returns and year-end returns frequently leave businesses with a selection of products that they need to get rid of. Moreover, products may become out of style or out of season as well.

Nevertheless, product kitting offers a viable solution. You can incorporate discontinued merchandise within a gift set you have to offer. This is something that is frequently utilized.

For example, game consoles often come in bundles with a free game or two. Thus, companies will utilize this as an opportunity to get rid of excess inventory.

The console itself is high in demand, and will be kitted with a discontinued game, and marketed as a great deal – ‘buy a game console, get a game free.’

Another example is if you own a perishable goods business, you must consider more elements than usual, such as manufacture and expiration dates, as well as “sell-by” dates, which limit the marketability of grocery items, forcing most shops to resort to supermarket liquidation.

The practice of selling extra products to overstock firms or supermarket liquidators like Closeout Express is known as grocery liquidation.

This is an example of innovative and effective closeout deals. Kitting also lends itself well to full container loads. When you ship your products, you need to buy the container load, which is more applicable to the volume of products you are distributing.

When kitting, you will be incorporating more products that will be grouped together identically. This makes it possible to ship via full container load, rather than low container load.

This possesses a wealth of benefits, as it is much more efficient – especially on the monetary side of things. In addition to this, it is worth considering the other benefits, which include the likes of less paperwork and purchase orders.

Product kitting and assembly services essentially offer businesses a much more efficient form of fulfillment.  They can save time, save money, and find an innovative way of getting rid of any closeout items for sale, which they may have accumulated.

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