Weed Slang: Most Popular Marijuana Slangs

Written By Alla Levin
April 20, 2020

Weed Slang: Top 5 Most Popular Marijuana Slangs

When you love something, you don’t want others to know. So you do either don’t talk about it much, or create nicknames to make only yourself aware of what’s going on.

It seems to look similar to marijuana lovers, who almost sanctify the big ‘M’ and create endless slang words associated with the topic.

The other reason is, of course, keeping the police out of the track, as in many parts of the world the use of cannabis is illegal.

Below you’ll find 5 top slang marijuana words!


This word is easy to guess and has spread so widely that almost everyone connects it to marijuana.

The alternative name ‘ganja’ comes from Hindi and means — not surprisingly
a kind of plant.


There are many ways of using marijuana, one of which is called ‘spliff’. ‘Let’s have a spliff together’, is one of the top sentences in teen TV series.

Spliff is, in this case, a kind of a rolled-up cigarette made of marijuana and tobacco — a popular form of marijuana consumption.

Quickfix urine

What does marijuana have to do with urine? you may ask. Well, a lot!

Every portion of drugs influences the organism and leaves its track.

This is how drug tests work — they check the presence of a drug in a person’s blood or urine (the second one is more common, as it’s easier to take the test).

Marijuana lovers, however, have come up with an idea to stay clean and … use fake urine for the tests. It’s called ‘quickfix urine’ and can be easily found online.


This name refers to the form of marijuana that is the most famous image of this substance. The symbol of a ‘flower’ with typical leaves can be seen on t-shirts and stickers all around the world.


This slang word is nothing else but an alternative name for ‘one pound’ of marijuana. It comes from the abbreviation ‘lb’, which was then informally developed to ‘el-bow’ to make

it easier to read.

The world of marijuana slang — as every linguistic field — is developing fast. New words and phrases appear almost every day.

Well, in the end, the users are those who create and change the language, aren’t they?

Weed Slangquickfix urine

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