Guide To Keep Up With The Cleaning Of Your Vape

Written By Alla Levin
April 22, 2020
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Guide To Keep Up With The Cleaning Of Your Vape

Ever thought of the functioning of your vape device?

Surprisingly, it always has the airflow into the coils and out through its mouthpiece.

However, since you eat or talk daily, and also let some other people take a drag from your vaping device, several germs and nasty residuals build up in the mouthpiece.

Many particles even enter into that airflow and settle down either in the coil or under the tank. Apart from that, some e-liquids might also contain those particles that get built up on the glass/inner walls of your vape.

It could make the flavors damp or might give you a burnt taste.

Hence, it is required to clean your vape, and the following pointer shall help you in doing the same.

Cleaning Of Vape: Dismantling the Tank or Atomizer

The first step to do is to unscrew the top components and glass from the base of the atomizer.

The next is to change the coils or buy a new e juice for sale; you need to break down the tank for cleaning each part.

Now, after the above steps, the components you would have are the base, airflow ring, coil head, glass, the top cap, and the mouthpiece.

Use of Hot Watere juice for sale

You have to put aside the coil head as it requires separate cleaning.

The next is to remove all the seals and o-rings and remember where they were.

Now, you need to keep all the parts in a hot water bowl(not boiling) and leave it as it is until the water becomes that of room temperature.

After the water is at room temperature, remove the components from it and scrub them using an old toothbrush under running water.

There might be a situation if they are not adequately cleaned, and you need to repeat this process.

Alternate Compounds

After the above cleaning steps, you will notice that there is a little smell of the e-juices that you have been using.

For getting rid of that, you need to apply an alternating compound or a cleaning agent, such as baking soda, propylene glycol, ethanol alcohol, or vinegar.

You can use these compounds for cleaning each component by going through the process of soaking and scrubbing, as mentioned earlier.

A crucial point to note is, after cleaning through these agents, you need to soak the components in a hot water bowl for a couple of hours, and also keep them under running water for ensuring no remains.

Cleaning Of Vape: Drying of TanksCoil Head Cleaning

For drying, you can use a paper towel for pat drying them and keep all the components aside so that the water can evaporate.

Also, you may use a hairdryer at its minimum speed and cool mode; otherwise, it might damage the seals/o-rings by using the hairdryer on a hot setting.

After this, you may reassemble the tank and place the seals and o-rings at their respective places.

Coil Head Cleaning

The coil head becomes immersed with the remains of e-juices, and gives a burnt taste.

If the coils have completed their lifecycle or the wick has been burned, the above-mentioned cleaning compounds will not work for cleaning the coil head.

However, for checking that you can clean the coil heads with these cleaning agents, you can keep the coil head under running water.

If you notice that the wick is getting discolored a bit, you may put the coil head in a hot water bowl for a couple of hours.

The foremost step is to hold the coil head for about two minutes under fast running hot water.

The next is to use the same cleaning compound as you did for cleaning the other components and fill a bowl with it.

You need to keep the coil head in that bowl for almost a night and ensure that you cover the bowl as well so that the compound does not evaporate. You will notice the discoloration in the bowl.

The next step is to hold the coil head under fast running hot water and rinse it in a distilled water bowl.

For getting rid of extra water, you need to blow through the coil.

Keep the coil head in the standing position so that the wick can completely dry.

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