Common Myths About Sexuality And God’s Will

Written By Alla Levin
September 01, 2020

Common Myths About Sexuality And Gods Will

Sexuality is a topic that is hardly discussed in the faith community. There are a lot of opinions on how God views sex.

No matter what your sexual preference is, there are some people who believe that sex is only meant for marriage, shared only between two people who have made a commitment to each other and God.

Others believe that God views sex and sexuality as something dirty, vile, and shameful.

Often the topic of sex and sexuality revolves around the rules for engaging, and not sexuality itself.

It is time to build upon your spiritual muscles and talk about some common myths surrounding the topic within the Christian community.

Sexuality And Gods Will: Sexuality Is Only About Sex Acts

Some people only think of sexuality in terms of performing particular sex acts, which is why some people in the faith community leave our conversations about sexuality once rules have been put in place about what kinds of sex acts are allowed when those sex acts are allowed and with whom you can do those things with.

It is commonly believed that free chatlines lesbian lines are off limits along with having sex outside of marriage.

One thing to consider is that sexuality is more than sex. The act of sex is one of the ways people express their sexuality.

Sex acts themselves are discrete things that people do with their bodies that typically only involve a few parts of the body.

On the other hand, sexuality itself underlines a certain type of bond or closeness between people. It is another way to relate to other people and to God.

It is important to understand that the act of sex is a part of your sexuality but it is not synonymous.

Abstaining From Premarital Sex Is Agreeing With Gods Will

It is important to note the difference between sexuality and sex acts because it will assist you in understanding that abstaining from premarital sex does not automatically put you in line to agree with God’s will.

Just because you abstain from sex does not mean you are involved in or moving in a space where you are having healthy expressions of your sexuality.

You can refrain from being involved in premarital sex acts, but you may still have the desire.

This can create an unhealthy correlation between sex and expressing your sexuality. It is crucial to understand that sex acts play a broad role when it comes to our romantic relationships.

God’s will is for sex to be experienced within a marriage, but you should still practice healthy expressions of sexuality.

Marriage Makes Everything Better

When you have abstained for sex, constantly refusing yourself in the whole of sexual virtue, you may have issues embracing your own sexuality.

This can cause a domino effect on other issues.

For example, when you only equate sexuality with sex acts and consider sex acts bad until marriage, chances are you may feel sexuality as a whole is bad too.

Once you become married, there is not a switch that turns on making everything better.

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