How VPNs Block ISP Tracking?

Written By Alla Levin
May 01, 2020

How VPNs Block ISP Tracking?

Internet data collecting has become a big concern over the past decade and many people are concerned about their privacy. Large websites can use this information, sell it, or just store it for as long as they can.

Depending on the state, there are regulations they need to follow but most people are not educated enough and they easily get manipulated by these pages into providing everything they want. There are numerous programs that will help you manage this but the most well-known is a virtual private network or VPN. You can download VPN application here before you proceed.

They are not expensive compared to other expenses you have in life but the value can be huge if you spend a lot of time online. Do deeper research about FastestVPNGuide or check reviews on forums if you can’t make a decision and learn how VPNs block ISP tracking.

Why Is ISP Tracking You?Why Is ISP Tracking You

Before understanding how VPNs work, you should ask yourself why your internet provider is tracking your data. Every company is recording information about your activities online which includes your emails and search history. One of the biggest reasons that they do this is because of the regulations by most of the states all over the world. It’s stated that they need to keep the data for a certain period of time because of security purposes.

It’s a really good reason if we consider anti-terrorism or solving any problem that may happen to anyone. The issues occur when the government doesn’t act ethically which can be explained in most situations. There are a few more reasons like selling data, P2P monitoring, and bandwidth throttling. The most disturbing thing is that they are using our info to make a profit. Click here to read more.

How Does Virtual Private Network Works?How Virtual Private Network Works

A great this is that it can be connected to any smart device you own including a tablet and smartphone. It allows you to access some websites you couldn’t before because once you visit them, it will display like you are from the country of their server.

It’s mostly used to protect you, to have anonymity online by hiding your location, watching streaming media like Hulu and Netflix, and bypassing geographic restrictions. Once you are connected, all of the traffic is going through a secure connection to the VPN.

Your computer behaves like they are on the network of the place you visit so they have easy access to a local network on the other side of the world. It uses encryption when connecting to its server which brings more safety to your surfing on the web. Get more information here:

How Can VPN Block ISP Tracking?How Can VPN Block ISP Tracking

It’s quite easy to stop ISP from tracking your activities, just re-route everything through a private tunnel. It may sound difficult but that is exactly what happens when you are using these services, your provider can see the tunnel but they can’t track anything that is going on.

It’s also easy to set it up, just sign up online to an agency you picked and download and install their software to any device you want. Make sure that the application is launched every time you turn on your PC. Leave it running and you won’t have any issues as long as you are subscribed.

Most of the services are subscription-based. There are some you shouldn’t trust so invest a little bit of time to find a reputable company. Free options may keep the browsing history and use it which is the opposite of what they should do.

You need to be careful because some may apply malicious malware that may damage your devices. Therefore, check how trustworthy they are, and if someone you know is using their services.

It would be best if some large company is subscribed to them because they invest more effort in choosing the best option. Make sure they have fast servers, advanced encryption standards, apps for Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC, up-to-date protocols, and No-Logs Policy.

How VPNs Block ISP Tracking: Protocols Used Today

One of the oldest and created by Microsoft is point-to-point tunneling protocol or PPTP. If you have older versions of Windows, it will work fine because it’s easy to deploy and fast but it isn’t recommended.

The second one is the L2TP or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol which is a combination of L2F and PPTP made by Cisco. They worked more on safety and encryption. Another virtual private network made by Microsoft is SSTP or secure socket tunneling which is used by many websites.

The best option is OpenVPN because developers are always working on improving the tech and making it more secure. Users can also modify it but you will need a lot of skill to make a good change. It’s very similar to other options but it is just upgraded.

The last one is the Internet Key Exchange which is a collaboration between Cisco and Microsoft. It’s mostly used on mobile devices but there are better options.

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