4 Golden Principles For Excellent Social Media Marketing

Written By Alla Levin
May 02, 2020
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Excellent Social Media Marketing: Golden Principles

Social media marketing has become something of a presence in most of our lives.

We used to brush past advertisements on our timeline on social media, and are well versed in automatically skipping YouTube advertisements. Each advert we see online has indeed been carefully geared to appeal to us.

Based on our internet activity, purchase history, and the content we regularly view, we are more likely to come across advertisements that will move us in some way, or cause us to pay attention.

Yet while we’re used to ignoring said ads, it’s not uncommon for them to strike a chord in us, and to peak our interest.

We may remember a brand name and thus go to check it out for ourselves, or we may try to make use of a time-sensitive deal that we can use at the moment.

Yet how can businesses perfect their social media management strategy with methods that work?

With the following golden principles, we believe that you’ll make a success of this approach no matter what. It can’t hurt to be so well prepared:

Increase Your Engagementsocial media marketing

It’s essential to know how to increase your engagement when working with social media marketing.

Often, a tactile and exciting time-honored option can encourage people to see what they have to offer.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for Play or App Store games to give you a small software-slice and demo of their game, allowing you to play a low level or to skip an ad entirely.

That engagement often works well, because it puts people in the experience straight away, rather than trying to market it.

That being said, an engagement that is this abrupt and up-front can sometimes feel forceful, and not all audiences will appreciate this.

Additionally, being presented with an offer code is hardly going to give them enthusiasm without knowledge of the product.

This means that your audience has to understand why they should spend the time to seek what you have to offer.

For instance, quickly showcasing a unique array of products, or playing a great song, or coming on with a friendly, simple advertisement can take the artifice out of this, and your engagement is likely to grow.

Test what works, and from there, continually track your results.

Understand Your AudienceUnderstanding your audience

Understanding your audience is an important measure when social media marketing. It’s not just about what your audience would like to see on their timeline. It’s about how they use social media.

For instance, if you’re marketing to heavy readers, it couldn’t hurt to use a creative means of filling your advertising space, perhaps with flowery copywritten language. 

If you’re selling to artists, it could be that high-end intelligent, and symbolic graphic design is a great way to catch an eye.

But don’t make it overcomplicated, as you’re fighting with the thumbs urge to scroll past quickly, as we have all been trained to do with social media.

Are the social media users you are trying to access more active on one platform? Could it be that you may have more luck using an influencer to generate buzz regarding your product?

For instance, selling protein in a neat advertising message is usually secondary to having an athlete with visible muscles and a high frame to promote it on their social media pages.

The more you can intelligently find your platform and how to utilize it, the more likely your audience will be receptive to just whatever it is you have to say.

Balance Your TargetingSocial Media Marketing

It’s essential to target the customers whom you feel will respond well to your advertising.

However, it’s also vital to ensure you’re not hyper-specific in your marketing, as this also reduces the number of people who are likely to see your ad, some who may be more than interested in what you have to offer.

For instance, it might be that you wish to target video gamers for your simulation software relating to flying airplanes.

But could it be that while those who enjoy playing video games are more likely to follow through with a purchase, those with interest in airplane spotting, or who are taking flight lessons, or who may be interested in aviation history could also gain something from your product?

Never set your margins too narrow, because this will have the adverse effect of underestimating the people you are marketing to.

When you keep the doors open yet within stable parameters, targeted marketing using analytics becomes that much more influential in every which way. Now that’s something worth holding pride in.

Consider How You Fit Within The TimelineTik Tok Social Media Marketing

What timeline do you hope to fit within, and how can you maximize this knowledge to come across more effectively?

On Instagram, for example, users will often expect to see a higher degree of marketing material, due to the highly visual nature of the timeline.

Expert graphic design is worth investing in, as is being able to sell a lifestyle that seems interesting, fun, or necessary.

Additionally, Tik Tok is coming into its own and thus becomes a massive opportunity for marketers to make use of.

For example, there are already TikTok tools available, check out this list.  

Usually, a seven-second video can serve as a great means to showcase the humor of your brand, perhaps even putting your take on a particular trend that has grown and becomes part of the app.

It’s not uncommon to see brands on Twitter loosen the stiffness of their marketing copy when speaking to people, because people wish to know that a person is on the other end, not a lawyer or promotional professional trying to increase their commission.

Before you use an app for these intentions, you must understand them.

So deep research into the culture of your specific audience is an imperative and important first step in this entire prolonged journey.

With this advice, we believe you can apply the best principles necessary to successfully apply your brand to social media.

When marketing through these platforms, understand that they are continually updated, and your strategy should follow suit.

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