The Benefits Of Getting All Your Data In One Place

Written By Alla Levin
December 03, 2021

The Benefits Of Getting All Your Data In One Place

More and more businesses, especially those operating online, such as e-commerce businesses, rely on data. This data is collected from their websites, social media, customer interactions, and so on. However, it’s essential to ensure this data isn’t disparate and disconnected. Here, we will look at the reasons you should ensure that you’re bringing your data together and keeping it all in one place.

It makes access more convenient

Put, when you’re trying to gather insights from multiple datasets, you don’t want to have to go from one analytics or reporting tool to another. Having all of your data collected in one place makes it much easier to access the data that you want at any given moment. This means more efficiency and quicker decision-making.

You can make sure data is up-to-date and correctgetting all data  in one place

Not all data is the same. They don’t bring the same inherent worth. When you pull in data from different analytics and reporting tools, you can, first of all, make sure that you’re getting the most up-to-date data, as one tool may have more recent data than another.

What’s more, if two tools collect the same data on engagement, then you can use one of them to double-check and validate the data and see if there are any discrepancies that you can fix.

Derive better insights from it

One of the significant benefits of bringing your data together is that data from different touchpoints can help you get a complete picture of customer behavior and other insights. For instance, integrating Shopify to Bigquery makes sure you can store your e-commerce store analytics in the same place as your social media engagement data, CRM data, and so on. The more complete your data, the better it can enable you to make decisions.

A backup if you lose access to the original

Outside of data breaches, data loss is one of the most catastrophic things that can happen to your data, mainly if you rely on it to drive sales and marketing decisions.

For that reason, you don’t want to keep your data in one place, aka the tool it was initially gathered in. Backup options like Dropbox allow you to make sure that you have a secured copy in a different location so that, even if you lose the original, you can rely on the manuscript.

Better secure your data

If you’re collecting data, you need to ensure that you’re not leaving it exposed. When you have one centralized point of access that your employees use to look over and make use of data, it’s a lot easier to secure that one access point than to try and secure a host of other access points. You can invest in firewalls, data encryption, and things like 2FA so that you make sure that one access point is as safe as possible.

Data is driving better decision-making in the modern business landscape. For that reason, ensure you’re keeping your data as safe and high-integrity as possible. Consolidate it in one place.

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