Personal Injury Marketing: 5 Actionable Tips for Success

Written By Alla Levin
May 13, 2020

Personal Injury Marketing: 5 Actionable Tips for Success

Looking for more actionable tips for personal injury marketing? We’ve got you covered. Read on for five tips you can implement in your firm today. Is your personal injury law firm not getting the attention that you’d like from your ideal clientele? How we market businesses has changed, and if you’re trying to market from the ground up, you might need to learn a few tips.

Personal injury marketing can be easy if you know the right ways to do it, but if not, you can end up buried by algorithms and beat out by your competitors. You don’t want that, right? Keep reading for 5 tips for success that can actually work when you’re working on your marketing strategy.

Don’t Underestimate Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

Keyword research is so important when it comes to marketing any kind of site or service. You need to know what people are looking up when they’re looking for content like yours. If they can’t find you when they’re on their favorite search engine, how will they know when to hire you? Depending on the services you offer, your keywords are going to vary. Putting that research time in is essential.

Don’t Be Afraid of Help

Getting new clients is different now than it used to be, and seeking help from specialized marketing agencies is completely normal. A personal injury lawyer marketing agency will understand the legal industry and its trends. It’s not a sign of failure if you need outside help for your business. In fact, it can save you time and money to get professional advice on how to market your firm effectively.

When marketing changes constantly, having someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of what to do is so helpful. Check out this service, for example, for getting new clients in the door when your marketing efforts have stalled.

Be Mobile FriendlyKeyword Research

The world is increasingly mobile, and your efforts need to reflect that. Mobile searches account for around half of all searches. This means that if your website isn’t optimized for a mobile user, you’re missing out on potential clients who aren’t going to find you. Mobile users are using standard search engines, but they’re also increasingly using voice searches. Always optimize.

Improve Visual Content

Humans are visual creatures, and it’s often easier to digest information when it’s coming in the form of a photo or video than when it’s coming in the form of a wall of text. While your SEO-optimized blogs and webpages are crucial, having SEO-optimized visual aids also helps you.

These visual pieces are also more sharable for social media purposes. This expands your reach even further. When someone finds a useful video or picture post, they can share it quickly with their friends. This isn’t as easy with written content.

Ask for Reviewsask your clients for reviews

It might feel silly when you ask your clients for reviews, but having a well-rated business on Google can do wonders for your ranking. As long as you’re subtle and unobtrusive when you ask, many people who have good experiences will be happy to share those experiences with the internet.

After all, they want everyone else to have those experiences and’ll likely be grateful to you for the service. Customer testimonials are more trustworthy than anything on a website for the average searcher, so this is important.

How’s Your Personal Injury Marketing Strategy?

Whether you’re just getting started marketing your firm, or you’re looking for new ways to expand your reach, utilizing these five tips can help you out. Marketing is a constant process that goes through frequent evolutions, so don’t be afraid to adjust your strategies over time. Personal injury marketing is no different than any other kind; you need to find the right clients. For more posts like this, visit the rest of our site.

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