Post-Workout Recovery: How To Recover More Quickly From A Workout

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2020

Muscle Soreness Recovery: How To Recover More Quickly From A Workout

Most peoples’ idea of a post-workout recovery is to tough it out simply. Those sore muscles will go away on their own. And, you know the old adage, “No pain, no gain!” Well, your muscle soreness recovery and post-workout recovery play a huge part in your overall fitness goals, and by ignoring them, you can slow down your gains.

Recovering quickly will help you get more out of your workouts and also help your quality of life. That pain is not 100% necessary, after all. It isn’t enough to simply have a pre-workout routine; you need to take the whole package into account. In this article, I will give you some simple tips to help you recover faster and get on with your life after a workout.

Post-Workout Recovery: Muscle Rub DownPost-Workout Recovery

One of the fastest ways to recover is to get a massage. If your gym has that service available to members, take advantage of it. If not, then hopefully you have a partner at home that enjoys giving you a rubdown. By rubbing the muscles, you increase the blood flow to them, which helps them recover. Inflammation is also reduced, so they feel less painful.

To get the most out of the massage, you should use the right essential oils that penetrate deep into the tissue. For instance, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil are all very good at loosening those muscles and encouraging blood flow. One of the newest oils to come around is CBD oil, which is excellent at reducing inflammation and is an ideal analgesic. It is used to treat chronic pain, so it is also wonderful for soothing those achy muscles. Rave Reviews is a good place to learn more.

Muscle Soreness Recovery: Get Some Sleep post-workout recovery

If you stay up late after a big workout, then you will have a tough time recovering from that. It’s when we sleep that much of the repair to our cells is done. Achy muscles need to recuperate, and sleep is one of the best ways for this to happen. Even taking a nap after lunch is a good way to rest those muscles and help them recover if you have the time and opportunity.

Take a Walk

If you like to workout in the morning, then save the afternoon for some light activity to help your muscles loosen up and feel less achy. A walk is a great way to get the blood flowing without putting a further strain on your muscles. A half-hour-long brisk walk is enough to do the job. Or a light bike ride for 20 minutes or so will also do the trick.

Don’t Overdo It, to Begin With

Prevention is the best medicine if you don’t push it too hard when you work out, then there will be less recovery time required as a result. Overly strained muscles will give you problems for a while, even when you take these measures to recover quickly. If you feel like you’ve done enough, don’t push for those extra reps.

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