Air Travel Post-COVID-19 Lockdown: What to Expect?

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2020
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Air Travel Post-COVID-19 Lockdown: What to Expect?

Air Travel Post-COVID-19. We all have to accept one thing that life after COVID-19 lockdown won’t be the same again, especially till a preventive vaccine or cure is not developed.

Having said that, the way we travel will also be affected, and maybe for forever.

This novel virus has already had a denting impact on the global aviation industry, as over half of the world’s population is staying at home to curb the spread of this virus.

According to the FlightRadar24 website — a real-time international flight tracking portal — the number of international flights has dropped from 200,000 on 21st February to 64,000 on 31st March 2020.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says 96% of the world’s top destinations are impacted by tough travel restrictions and lockdown measures imposed by their governments worldwide.

Marcelo Ris, UNWTO Director of Communications, told Euronews, “The world has really come to a standstill.”

Airlines and airports are going to implement strict measures once the COVID-19 lockdown ends

Presently in Europe, US, and India, air travel is far from resuming soon, whenever it does, there would be stringent travel restrictions.

Firstly, travelers may have to pass through compulsory thermal screening.

In case someone is found to be having coronavirus symptoms, the person would be made to quarantine until their test COVID-19 test report is not negative.

There may be separate counters for badly affected countries such as Spain, Italy, the USA, and the UK.

Proper Sanitization of the Airport

You can expect to walk into the main entrance of the airport and the staff asking you to sanitize your hands with a few drops of sanitizer.

Similarly, airlines may include a bottle of sanitizer with their flight essentials provided to each customer.

Thorough disinfection of the airplane from the inside and the outside may be carried out before it takes off.

Airports, on the other hand, will regularly sanitize and fumigate their terminals.

Plus, it will be mandatory to wear gloves and mask during the flight.

However, the severity of the guidelines and norms will depend on the different governments.

You’ll be Needing More than a Passport

Yes, you heard it right. To travel after the COVID-19 outbreak, you may find a number of obstacles before you get the final nod.

Certain countries won’t take the chance to test the visitors at the border, especially if you’re coming from a place which once was a hotspot of coronavirus outbreak.

The entrance may be refused if you don’t carry your coronavirus negative report or a certificate that you have fully recovered from the infection.

Wristbands with barcodes like those shown in Contagion movie would become a reality in 2020 and beyond.

There will be fear and anxiety at the sight of a person sneezing or coughing near you.

Today, all these signs of the common cold or flu can be mistaken for coronavirus infection.

So, if you have a cold or spring allergy, then just sit at home and cancel all your travel plans, because the reaction of the people can be unpredictable.

Human behavior experts predict that the coronavirus epidemic will leave behind a social stigma.

More Optional Boxes to Tick When Booking Flight Ticketsflying anxiety

Frequent air travelers are accustomed to the wealth of add-ons asked when booking flights.

In the coming times, there will be additional paid facilities around coronavirus.

The extra features could be speedy boarding, freedom of seat selection, additional baggage, etc.

And, one box that most travelers won’t miss post lockdown is the travel insurance.

But, before you opt for it, make sure it covers the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airlines and insurance companies are expected to change their insurance packages after witnessing the colossal impact of coronavirus.

Air Travel Post-COVID-19: Conclusion

Want your life to get back on track; so you could travel internationally for business and recreational purposes?

Then, today is the time we need to respect the lockdown restrictions and follow the social distancing norms to defeat coronavirus.

Meantime, you can get any of your family members enrolled —especially the kids— for an online fear of flying courses if they have acute flying anxiety.

Stay home, stay safe!

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