Increasing Business Productivity with the SignNow Electronic Solutions

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2020
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Increasing Business Productivity with the SignNow Electronic Solutions

Digitalization is an inevitable process for any business, whether it is a small, medium-sized, or big company.

The main reasons for converting all official documents and various papers into digital format are conveniences, quick access to all the necessary files, and overall enhanced efficiency.

Since the major part of the documentation is stored and managed via a computer or online nowadays, there is a need to sign documents digitally as well.

However, without appropriate and effective software, this process might become even less efficient than it was before.

Luckily, accessible and helpful programs like SignNow are available for everyone.

Various companies have already successfully used this electronic solution that makes their operations effective and versatile.

SignNow was developed by the IT professionals to provide convenient methods of placing electronic signatures, creating and managing documents, exchanging files, and so on.

Many users emphasize the simplicity and excellent performance of this app in their reviews.

It is a perfect modern software for businesses internationally and Increasing Business Productivity.

The Advantages of Incorporating the SignNow Features in Your Company and Increasing Business Productivity

Business Productivity

There is no point in converting the entirety of the official documentation in your company if there is no adequate solution for signing the papers.

Printing out each document, signing it manually, and scanning to digitalize it again are processes that lead to a complete waste of time and resources.

Simple handy software for placing electronic signatures solves this problem and boosts the efficiency of the whole business.

There are various reasons for such popularity of SignNow. This program stands out among other e-signature solutions on the market because of its benefits.

Here are the positive sides of the SignNow software:

  • Accessible and understandable design – often, implementing some kind of new software into the operation of a company requires special training for the workers. Spending time and money on explaining the employees at least some basics of working with the program is not very efficient and convenient for both business owners and staff members. SignNow solves this issue by providing simple and quick-to-navigate software. It is designed in a way that anyone will understand it immediately and will be able to start using it right away;

  • Adaptability – making the software understandable for the employees is only half of the deal, and the other half is ensuring that SignNow is also accessible for other people that might be involved. Among such individuals are business associates and clients who often have to sign papers as well. The software is easy to navigate for any computer user with minimal knowledge;

  • Multiplatform coverage – the key to making digital documentation accessible is creating software compatible with various devices. The SignNow program can be used on a PC, laptop, or various mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones running on Android and iOS support this software as well. With such versatility, you can have quick access to any document at any time;

  • Safety measures – SignNow can guarantee the complete security of your documents. Thanks to the newest encryption and verification methods, all the files are heavily protected. This feature eliminates the possibility of the data being leaked or stolen.

The Features Included in the SignNow Software

The SignNow developers have collected the most demanded and useful features for managing the official documents in a digital format. Here are some of them:

  • Adding extra files – any time you send out a document for signing, you can also request another file added to the response. This way, it is easy to collect any extra information needed without exchanging the files one by one;

Increasing Business Productivity with the SignNow Electronic Solutions

  • Signature field – in case the document is already finished, and it only has to be signed, it is recommended to include a special field for the sign. The recipient will be able to implement changes only for this exact field;

  • Various signing methods – with a selection of methods for making a signature, this process becomes as simple as if you had to sign a physical paper. First of all, you can scan an existing paper with a signature and upload it into the software or use a signature scan prepared beforehand. Secondly, you can type in your full name and use it as a signature. The third method is the most convenient one as all you need is a computer mouse or your finger to draw the signature on the screen. Each signature, regardless of the method, can be saved in the system for future use;

Increasing Business Productivity

  • Custom notifications – it is easy to forget about a certain document when there are so many files to manage. By configuring notifications, you can receive a reminder each time a document is signed and ready. You will receive an e-mail with the full information;

  • A selection of designated fields – just like a signature field, you can choose and place special boxes for other purposes. Among them are random text, times and dates, checkboxes, and so on. Having only necessary fields open for customization saves everyone’s time and eliminates any misunderstandings.

Why Should You Choose SignNow for Effective Work and Business Productivity?

SignNow users across the world report on the benefits of this program.

Regardless of the size and the specifics of your business, whether it is a small company or an international corporation, the advantages of the software are undeniable.

This program not only allows signing and managing documentation quickly and without issues but also remains legal.

Any signature made with SignNow acts like a legal signature on a paper.

With this program, you can boost the whole operation of the company and create comfortable working conditions for the employees.

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