How Coronavirus Changed College for American Students

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2020
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How Coronavirus Changed College for American Students

Drastic measures are taken all over the world to slow down the spread of coronavirus. From the widespread use of face masks and hand sanitizer to the closure of offices and schools, everyone has felt the force of the virus.

As a result of this global pandemic, the lives of students and faculty have been hugely disrupted. At least 1,102 U.S. colleges and universities have closed their campuses due to coronavirus. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most significant aspects in regards to the college closing procedure, as well as try to figure how to move forward and what the future of higher education may look like in the next few years.

Mass college closures

As you probably know, the University of Washington became the first large university to close its doors because of the global coronavirus pandemic. Lots of the educational institutions followed suit quickly, which meant that college closures are now becoming a dire reality we don’t want to find ourselves in, but still have to deal with it.

For some students, transitioning to online learning was easy. For others, it became a nightmare. They had problems focusing, especially at first. Some even resorted to using a cheap paper writing service to deal with the vast number of assignments they were still dealing with.

What one needs to do in such a situation is simply to type ‘write my essay cheap’ into a browser search bar and choose from a variety of options. If this is a high-quality cheap paper writing service, a student may also get a list of comments and suggestions on how to improve their writing skills.

So, it seems like typing ‘write my paper for me cheap’ and entrusting the accomplishment of the task to a cheap writing paper service no longer looks like such a terrible idea. However, we have a massive problem at the moment: we still don’t know whether students will be able to return to campus in the fall.

There are a few factors to consider:

  • The spread of the virus slows down considerably
  • It is safe to gather in large groups again
  • Both students and teachers are ready to come back to class


A lot of American students were forced to leave campus, which obviously created a lot of unexpected problems: they had to pack all their stuff quickly; they had no idea whether they would be able to travel to their home state; some even had nowhere to go.

Apart from that, another problem appeared: some of their family members caught the virus, so returning home was not an option. In situations like this one, a lot depends on the administration of the educational institution.

It is vital to help students in the best way possible and to make sure college or university is able to offer them accommodation for the time being. Helping them cover the costs of traveling home is a great initiative as well. Remember that building habits that impact your health is very important.

Brand new experience

The biggest challenge was transitioning to online education. Suddenly, Zoom became the ultimate classroom, so students had to adapt quickly. The quality of online education was not always as high as it was before. However, the workload remained the same, which is the reason why services like became a salvation for many. Instead of trying to manage everything on their own, some students decided to address their requests to a cheap paper writing service.

Nowadays, it is really easy to do: type write my paper for me cheap in google search, and tons of results will pop up. The only thing left for students to do is to choose the cheap reliable essay writing service they want to work with.

However, there are a few other mundane problems with online learning. For instance, somebody forgets to mute their microphone during an online lecture, which ruins the class for everybody. In addition to that, the transition period was much longer for some students as the world they knew was changing fast, and they could not do anything about it. There are lots of mental health issues to take into consideration when we are talking about a global pandemic, such as a coronavirus outbreak. And this issue needs to be addressed.

American Students: Optimism for the futureAmerican Students Optimism for the future

Despite feeling like everything’s falling apart, the majority of faculty and students remain optimistic. We have managed to overcome so many difficulties over the course of human existence than dealing with yet another pandemic is doable. Sure, we have to adjust.

The good news is that adjusting to a new reality means that we are going to acquire new skills. These skills will come in handy not only when students return to class but also when applying for a job, running errands, or dealing with routine tasks. That’s the best outcome considering the situation.

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