The Age of Aquarius and What it Means for Business

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2020
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The Age of Aquarius 2020 and What it Means for Business

The Age of Aquarius is the next astrological movement of time that the planet Earth is shifting. According to world astrologers, every period should last approximately 2150 years. They take the time the plant takes to change orientation on its axis and divide it by a dozen. The dozen in this division are representative of the 12 zodiac signs.

Now the world is leaving behind the age of Pisces to usher in the Age of Aquarius 2020. The two worlds differ with the Pisces’ age, whose characterization is money, control, and power. Age of Aquarius Arrived – it’s all about peace and humanitarian activities.

Age of Aquarius 2020: The Meaning of the Aquarius Age

Humanity needs to reconnect with each other and be more aware of the plight of others. The age of Pisces was mainly about dominating business and taking control. All that comes to an end as human beings are obligated to care for one another.

Self-centeredness is no longer the order of the day. A complete shift is necessary, focusing more on humanity and humanitarian projects to better the world. It’s time to become more conscious, positive, and one.

The belief that humanity will come together and be more interconnected existed even with ancient civilizations. They predicted the time would come when the world would be more interconnected. The information age fits this prediction.

Mayans are on one side of the world, and the Egyptians believed the world’s alertness would shift. Another group that believes in this awakening is the Hindu. They believe there is a dormant part of humanity that will awaken in the Age of Aquarius.

A clear indication of this age’s start lacks since astrologers can’t agree on an exact timeline. But the predictions for interconnectedness are right. Humanity is more connected today than at any other time in history.

Astrologers hold the belief with the shifting awareness, life as we know it will forever change. Many civilizations will fall as others rise.

What the Aquarius Age Representsworking together

Many believe that the rapid growth and innovation witnessed in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) result from the shifting age. The cosmos is preparing humanity to live in the Age of Aquarius. The boom in connectivity and technological advancements in the universe is getting humanity ready for a new world.

2020 symbolizes a shift in life as the world becomes more reliant on the internet to stay connected and even conduct business. Humanity is more together than ever before, with great fits of humanitarian works happening across the globe.

The world is at a point where the self-reliance of countries is no longer an option. To survive and move past the current situation, working together is necessary now than ever before. The days of personal growth are gone.

The only way to push ahead is to come together for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Everyone feels the effects of a changing world as it shifts from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius’s Age.

Age of Aquarius Arrived: Digitization of the WorldBlockchain technology

Aquarius gets a narrative through humanity on earth, and three planets write the story this year. Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune have shifted the whole of humanity to live a virtual life. No day is this more true than in the year 2020.

Everything is going digital, and even some countries are implementing a completely digital economy. The Age of Aquarius is rapidly automating the Age of Pisces. Everything is run by and through computers worldwide. The importance of cybersecurity in the digital world is tremendous.

Now even some businesses are forced to have an online presence only as offices remain closed. A digital economy is a way to go, and soon, the analog way of doing business will be a thing of the past. Paper cash might be unheard of next. The whole world is online, and those who are not are trying to catch up fast lest they are left behind.

Digital literacy is no longer something to uplift your portfolio but a requirement to get employment or engage in any business form. This reality is actually everywhere. E-commerce dominates the world’s economies, and governments are on full-scale advancement to upgrade their ICT infrastructures.

New ways of transacting are upon the world, including Cryptocurrencies that involve revolutionary Blockchain technology. It’s a safer and more efficient way to make payments or receive funds from across the globe.

Conducting Business in the Aquarius AgeConducting Business in the Aquarius Age

Soon analog businesses will be a thing of the past as companies digitize. Every leader must learn how to connect their company with the Age of Aquarius. Everything is online, and a proper ICT system is a requirement, not a luxury.

It’s no coincidence that this is when the shift to the Age of Aquarius is taking place. Everything about the current world screams this truth. Technology is the order of the day. Every business needs good technology to operate from the minute they open their doors.

Virtual companies are mastering how to exist primarily online, where they sell their products and services. For example, many casinos now operate as casinos online. Another example is services that are now purely digital, like applying for bank accounts or specific licenses.

Digitization is not an experiment; it’s the reality of the world that exists today. Many of the activities that people enjoyed are shifting. Even past times are changing. More people prefer to play video games online or place bets in the best payout online casino than head out to land-based ones.

Wholeness is upon the world, and individualism fades away. The present is an excellent indicator of how much the world must learn to come together. The cosmic shift is laying bare the best and worst that the world has to offer.

Age of Aquarius Arrived: Conclusion

Businesses must shift their operations to fit the Age of Aquarius or risk falling behind. The change is imminent, and the world heavily relies on digital communication and interaction. Togetherness is what the new age brings, preparing humankind to be more humanitarian and conscious.

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