Business Technology Support: 6 Tips for Seeking Technical Support

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2020
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Business Technology Support: 6 Tips for Seeking Technical Support

As a business owner, you wear many hats. Sometimes you’re an accountant, sometimes a supervisor, and other times you’re a cheerleader. However, technical support is one place you might not be so good at, and no one can blame you.

Tech support is crucial for businesses large and small, and if you’re thinking of side-lining tech support, then you might want to think again. Tech support services streamline company operations and solve technical issues for faster productivity, which translates to greater profits.

If business technology is evolving a little too fast for your staff to keep up, then you definitely need technical support. Unless your business is in a specialist niche, then you’ll probably need tech support at least at one point in your business’s life cycle.

Tech support will get you out of the sticky fix in case you’re having issues with company technology or new software like CAD. You can always call customer care for help, but we all know they’re not the most reliable bunch. Plus, in most cases, customer care will just refer you to tech support. If you’re looking for tech support for your business, then here are a few tips to help you find the right tech support service.

What to Look for in Business Technology SupportWhat to Look for in Business Technology Support

Even if you have the most tech-savvy staff, you’ll still need tech support and mostly when you least expect it. There’s a huge difference between being tech-savvy and having actual technical knowledge and resources to handle complex mechanical, electrical, and software issues. If you’re looking for a tech support service company, here’s how you pick the right one:-

Industry Versatility

You can’t go wrong with a tech support company that has served across various industries. However, if you operate a specialist business, then you’ll need a tech support business familiar with your line of business.

A tech support company that deals across various industries have amassed a great deal of experience that will prove invaluable when tackling your particular issues. An experienced company will address your issues faster and more effectively since they’ve probably encountered it before.

That way, you can get back to your usual money-making operations in case of any hitch. Compare that with a tech support company that has dealt with a few clients and a handful of issues. Any unfamiliar problem will pose an incredible challenge to such companies.

Field Experience tech support company

Field experience typically goes hand in hand with field experience, but not all the time. For instance, specialty tech support companies might have dealt with multiple clients, but all from the same field.

It’s hard to find a tech support company that has been in the game for too long. So if you find one, hold on to it for your company’s benefit. That’s a clear indicator that the company is doing something right to be in the business for so long. Before you settle on a tech support company, first ask for their portfolio. In doing so, you can gauge the company’s experience and see if you’ve struck gold.

Tread Carefully With One-Man Tech Support Services

Don’t write them off, because in some cases one person is enough for the job. However, one-person tech support may also be an indicator of a staffing problem. Plus, you need to have a backup plan in case the only technician gets sick or goes on a vacation. If one person handles tech support, then they must be exemplary at what they do. That’s because they need extensive knowledge and technical skill to handle every technological issue.

They’ll also need incredible working stamina so as not to burn out or suffer from overexertion. However, if your company’s demands aren’t too great, then a one-man tech support service is completely okay.

For instance, you’ll only need a single person for Microsoft solutions. It might even be more cost-effective than hiring a full-on team to deal with minor tech issues. If it’s a big complex IT task like Hybrid Migration Office 365 or SharePoint Migration Services then it is recommended to outsource such tasks to a reliable company.

Steer Clear From Companies Offering Flat Rate FeesBusiness Technology Support

On the surface, flat rate fees look pretty harmless. After all, it’s just a billing system that the company prefers to use. However, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up paying a lot more for services that cost way less.

Flat rate fees must cover everything that tech support uses to address a variety of problems. So even if you don’t have a huge chunk of those problems, you still end up paying for them. Moreover, the devil is in the details; if you closely inspect the bill, it’s not uncommon to find a bunch of hidden costs. If the company offers a flat rate for a particular number of hours monthly or yearly, then that’s totally fine. However, if you have to pay a flat rate for every appointment, then you’re the loser in this situation.

Check Clients Lists and Testimonial

It’s very easy for tech support companies to make big claims that they can’t back up. To substantiate the veracity of these company’s claims, make a point of asking for a list of previous clients or ask for a portfolio if they happen to have one.

Testimonials are also good at showing what you should expect from the company. If a tech support company can willingly give you a handful of references, then you’re in the right hands. Don’t trust online reviews too much, because some of them may be fabricated from the company themselves.

Don’t Let Cost Be your Primary Determinant business technology issues

Of course, everyone wants expedient service at a reasonable cost. However, don’t let outrageously low costs make you overlook other important factors. Be wary of service rates that are too low, because it means that the company must skimp on something to make a profit with such low prices

Tech Support Companies Are Life Savers

You can’t understate the importance of tech support companies for your business technology issues. Now that you know how to pick the right company for the job, you can go ahead and get tech support for your company’s prosperity.

Remember, your IT department doesn’t qualify as actual tech support, but if they can solve a problem themselves, then the better. If you’re in the mood for more insightful reads, then have a look at other pieces on the site.

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