Purchasing A New Build

Written By Alla Levin
June 05, 2020

Purchasing A New Build

If you are buying off-plan, and the apartment or property is not yet finalized, there is a lot that needs to be considered.

You don’t only have to make sure that the property is right for you, but you need to take a further look at the developer to make sure they are reputable. 

A lot of people purchase new apartments or houses with little consideration for the company that has developed the property.

But, think about it, you wouldn’t let simply anyone build a house for you, would you?

This is why you need to conduct a considerable amount of research. 

Find out who the developer is and research them online. You want to ensure they have a considerable amount of experience in the industry.

You certainly don’t want to be your house to be one of the first ones that they have built, as you are bound to suffer teething problems if this is the case.

In addition to this, you should also read reviews that have been left by those that have had a property built from the developer in question before.

This will give you a unique insight into whether they were satisfied or if they have experienced a number of problems with their property. 

If the new build you are considering is yet to be built, you also need to find out whether the developer is known for keeping within the time frame promised.

In a lot of overseas countries especially, developers can fall way behind on the deadline promised. 

Finding Tenants For Your New Build PropertyFinding Tenants For Your New Build Property

New build properties are popular amongst investors, as they can expect to make a good return on their investment.

However, if your investment is to be a successful one, you will need to find tenants, as is the case if you purchase any property for the purpose of making money. 

The first step is to always conduct your research and ensure you choose a property that is in demand.

Once you have done this, you then need to work on marketing your property effectively. There are various techniques that work well. 

Good old word of mouth never fails. Mention your property to people you meet and post on forums and such like.

As your family and friends if they know anyone that would be interested in renting out a property in the area. 

Aside from this, you need to ensure you choose a number of letting websites to post your property on.

Make sure the post is constructed effectively. The photographs should be professional and show off your property to full effect.

The description needs to be thorough and contain all of the important details. You should also think about using keywords throughout the listing, as this will help to boost your property’s rating on Google and other search engine result pages. 

To conclude, if you are thinking about purchasing a new build, we hope that you have found this guide helpful.

After all, this is not a service that can simply be reversed if things go wrong.

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