Top Financial Business Ideas

Written By Alla Levin
August 16, 2021
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6 Top Financial Business Ideas

So you want to start your own business so you can make money on the side, or maybe you’re looking to replace your current job with a hobby you’ve been pursuing a while. No matter what it may be, you’re interested in the financial side of the business and want to get into it as quickly and easily as possible.

That’s great! And there are a lot of different paths and ideas you can pursue. This goal of yours can be challenging at times, as you’re starting your own business or picking a path of freelancing rather than following a job that has already been made and is offered to you. Regardless of the difficulty, you should not falter at the idea and pursue it as it’s what you want to do!

Here are 6 financial business ideas to help you get started with your own business or side gig!

Make your Finance Blog

Are you skilled in financial knowledge or personal finance, and do you like to write? Then there is a perfect idea for you. This would be starting a finance blog! A finance blog is just that, a blog that is all about finance or financial knowledge. Meaning if you’ve had personal experience in the finance industry or have studied it for a lot of time, there will be someone out there to read your ideas or advice!

Now you may think, “I can’t make a lot of money doing that!” While starting it, you may only make a few cents or dollars here and there, depending on views. If you get popular and make an amazing blog that brings people value, and they keep coming back week after week, or heck, even day after day. Then you will start to have more income from a blog off to the side. 

Start an Online Finance Course

Create a Financial Advisory Website

Another idea that has become popular in these recent years would be to start your online course about finance! You will translate your knowledge or experience into a document or video that people can learn from, which brings them value.

See, the key point here is bringing someone more value or knowledge that they didn’t have prior. Once you make these courses that will bring information to be new or semi-experienced individuals, you can then sell the course on multiple different platforms that offer online educational services.

This is a great way to teach like-minded individuals who know less through personal experience and ideas. Plus, you can earn some extra dough while doing it! You can make more courses, which will, in turn, bring you more money as more customers use your courses and products.

Write an E-Book about Finance

With many of these first few being ways to share your experience or knowledge with others to help you earn money, this is another one. This would be writing an Ebook about finance! An Ebook is short for electronic books and is often shorter than a normal book while giving a great amount of information on a topic.

You may think, “sure, I can write a book, but I doubt I will ever get published.” While in the past it was hard to find a publisher to get your ideas or books out, now in the era of technology, you can use websites like Amazon to publish your book for the whole world to buy through Amazon! This skips the middle man of finding a publisher that will accept your work, as Amazon will accept most works as long as they are not stolen.

You can sell these for low or greater amounts depending on how much you think the book is worth; remember, it is shorter than a normal book. So maybe people won’t be paying $10-$20, but they will pay $5 for it depending on the value of the information. Don’t be scared, as this can add to multiple customers who like your book and then beg for more!

Create a Financial Advisory WebsiteCreate a Financial Advisory Website

Similar to a blog, would be creating a website that has the whole focus of financial advice. This would be making a website focused purely on helping clients with their financial problems for a reasonable fee. Of course, you will decide the fee, and you will have to make the website yourself.

But, with enough customers, your financial advisor website can easily pay itself off in a couple of days to weeks, depending on how many clients you get and the price you demand. This is a good way to turn your side hustle and ideas into a real business that people can site or visit online to get the help they need.

Financial Business Ideas: Start a Talk-Show (Podcast) about Finance

Is writing or animating not your thing? You don’t want to make a video, and you can write to save your life? Well, why don’t you voice your opinion, ideas, and experience with a podcast! A podcast is a talk show where you will talk about anything you want, and people can tune in.

Often, ads are played during the podcast, which will generate revenue depending on how many users hear it. Or sometimes, you can even be sponsored by a company or product that you’ll plug your affiliate link into, and you will earn some of the profit they make! Easiest part? All you have to do is set it up and start talking to the world.

Financial Business Ideas: Try Day TradingTry Day Trading

Finally, if you’ve got a good head for stocks, as in, the rising and falling of stock prices when stock declines or increases, you can try day trading with stocks; now, this can be more of a scary business if you do it with your own money, and you can lose quite a hefty sum of cash. But if you were to borrow stocks from a broker and know when a stock will fall, you can make a lot of extra money that you get to keep without spending a cent!

With day trading, you borrow stocks (or buy them) from a broker at a given price; after a while, you will return those stocks to the broker. If you know a price will fall, you can sell the stock high and then buy it low with the money received from selling. This means whatever money is leftover from selling high and buying low is yours to keep. 

Now, this is a precarious business that is not suggested unless you know finance well, know stock prices, and how the market works. Then, you could be a shark and make a lot of money from this process. Just be careful and know what you’re getting into!

Starting a Financial Related Business

Many people want to start a business, but very few get into it and pursue what they want to achieve in life. Most sit around and stay at their normal 9-5 job while creating amazing ideas that could bring them a great wealth of income!

Rather than just thinking, you should pursue it! It may be a risk, but it would be better to start your own company or business than stay at a job you dislike. Try these 6 different ideas and see which one works for you; whether you’re a writer, speaker, animator, or have personal knowledge, you can pursue a lot of financial business thanks to technology.

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