On The First Day Back, Rejuvenate Your Team Like This

Written By Alla Levin
June 10, 2020
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On The First Day Back, Rejuvenate Team Like This

So the lockdown is coming to an end and we’re finally going to be back to work again. It’s going to be quite strange for many employees, after not seeing or speaking with each other as regularly as they would normally.

For business leaders, it is simply imperative to rejuvenate the workforce, get them excited, motivated, and determined again. You should be wary of how you approach them with regards to workload, but there is a way you can edge them into full-scale intensity again.

will have experienced some kind of mental health issue, so making workforce accommodation for their needs is paramount. There are so many ways you can breathe life back into your workforce, and here are just a few of them.

Instant employee appreciation

How do you acknowledge the efforts of employees once you’re back in the office?  The mantra that many business leaders follow is, they give them a bonus or slightly pay rise.  To be honest, this is only felt in the long-term and although it can be very effective, it won’t help them in the short run. Instant employee appreciation is done by the little things, such as the employee appreciation ideas from GThankYou.

Their certificates of gratitude are accepted at any large grocery wholesaler. Giving the hardest working employee an ice cream gift certificate is great because they get to choose what kind of brand and ice cream they want, but it’s completely free. A treat for the kids, for themselves, or just a little less to pay at the checkout for their usual weekly shop, is a small but very effective token of appreciation.

Lunchtime is game-time

On the very first day back at work, you should take it easy. Think of your business as a top athlete. You know its potential and how fast and hard it can run, but after a few months being out of the flow of things, brings with it a little trouble.

Start off at high speed immediately, and you could pull a muscle. This is why lunchtime on your first day back, should be half an hour longer than usual, and full of fun and games. Bring some easy-to-play teamwork games with you to work and ask all the employees to join in.

Move the tables and chairs to the edges of the room and play twister. You could also play musical chairs, pass the parcel, or perhaps a team quiz competition. Go around the room, share a bag of chips or some candy, and play ‘lie or truth’ where everyone has to tell a story about themselves and the other decides whether it’s true or false. 


Corporate catering is a brilliant way to boost employee morale. Having excellent gourmet food delivered straight to your office is something you should plan for the first day. Who doesn’t like amazing fresh food? It’s a very simple yet effective way to make your employees happy to be back, get into the swing of things, and reconnect with their office.

So many contemporary companies like Google want to make their working area somewhat habitable in terms of lounging. They don’t want employees to see their office as a place where they come to work, but where they feel comfortable to be themselves. The CrumbsFoodco is one of the top corporate catering companies and they offer a wide range of cuisines. You can also have food made especially for you if you’d like.

Rejuvenate Team: A task to reconnect

Your employees will want to quickly get back into the swing of things. But make them a small objective to reach for and then come back at the end of the day, to see what the results were. One such task could be to reconnect with your clients and suppliers. Give your employees the task to greet all your clients again, via email, phone, text, and video call. Conference calling with clients is highly recommended.

Then at the end of the day or perhaps during lunch, you talk openly about which clients are back on board, which needs more time to gather themselves, and what could be done to convince others to invest in you and do business with you. It’s not a serious task and one that normally takes a couple of weeks to finish, but it’s a good team effort objective.

The first day back from lockdown is going to be awkward and potentially tough. These are just some of the things you should be doing to break the ice, get back into the swing of things, and rejuvenate that team spirit of your employees. 

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