Discover How To Make Business Bigger On The Outside
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Discover How To Make Business Bigger On The Outside

Did you get the reference in our title? It’s a play on a concept that is found in the popular science fiction show ‘Doctor Who.’ In the TV show, the Doctor rides around in a tardis which looks like an old fashioned police telephone box. It’s only a couple of meters wide on the outside but on the inside, it’s absolutely massive.

There are a huge control system and various doorways as well as halls that have been shown in an area.  It’s a cool idea but what if you want to take things in the opposite direction?

What if instead of making something look bigger on the inside you could make something quite small look larger on the outside. This is an idea that is probably quite appealing for the typical business owner, particularly when you’re thinking about your company brand. 

It’s often assumed that customers like buying from an underdog. This idea is probably based on how popular underdog stories are in the media and the news. But it’s not quite the case. While the general public might love hearing, reading, or watching underdog success stories, they don’t like buying from small companies. 

Most want to make purchases from companies that have a human element but that are already tried and trusted. Essentially, they want to ensure that they are investing their money in the right areas and getting the quality level that they expect.

While this is possible with an underdog it’s less of a guarantee. So it is smart to make sure that your business looks larger and therefore more successful. But how do you do this?  Well, there are a few possibilities to explore here and we’re going to dive into some of the options that could provide the greatest benefits for your company. 

Make Business Bigger: Set Up A Virtual OfficeMake Business Bigger Set Up A Virtual Office

Check Your Virtual Office London website to discover how it’s important to be aware that most businesses these days are not in the position where a business office is an affordable expense. Business offices will add a fortune to the costs of your company and that’s true regardless of whether you rent or buy.

Indeed, many businesses have struggled in recent months because offices have been left empty due to the coronavirus. However, they have still been forced to pay the cost of rent for space that they weren’t even using.

If you own the property, then you’re going to need to think about issues with maintaining it while also taking on the accountability for keeping it safe.  That’s why many businesses are now being run from home. This is particularly true for smaller companies.

However, it’s important to be aware that there is still a stigma attached to businesses that are run from home. Some clients may assume that you are not to be taken seriously and question whether you have the power or resources to provide the solution that they want. 

That’s why it might be worth investing in a virtual office solution. With a virtual office, you can get some of the benefits of having an office without the costs. This does include making it seem as though your company is being run from the center of the city rather than your home in a small town.

It will even allow you to use this address on marketing and in some cases, you can get the mail sent there as well.  If you do need an office, you can also rent an office property for a short period between a couple of hours and a day.  This can provide you with a professional space to meet business clients or hold company meetings.  Essentially, it can provide you with the solution you need to operate as a major business player on the market. 

Use A Virtual Phone System

Of course, if we’re talking about virtual systems that could benefit your business, then you might also want to think about exploring virtual phone systems offered by Call Cowboy.

This is another way to make your business look a lot larger than it actually is. With a solution like this, you will be able to call countless individuals and ensure that you can create a strong marketing push.

The best part is that it does include an automated system that you can access. So, you don’t have to worry that it is going to take a lot of time or effort. As such, it could be the perfect solution for a wide range of different businesses that are operating on a smaller budget. 

Focus On Your Siterunning a small business.

It’s important to think about your site when you are running a small business. Don’t forget that in many cases the site is going to be the first impression that customers receive from your company.

This is a fantastic opportunity to ensure that your business does look massive and in particular, well funded. You should think about whether you can afford to invest in the highest quality web design for your business and guarantee that you have fantastic levels of content as well. Don’t forget, that the right content can be the difference between whether a customer stays on your site for the crucial repeat purchase. 

Don’t Forget Social Media Social Media 

When you are running your business, it’s important not to overlook the key and clear value of social media. Right now, we’re talking about how your business can look like a major player on the market and it’s true, customers do want to buy from this type of business.

However, they also want to buy from a company that has some humanity. They want to make sure that they see there are people behind the business who they can relate to and connect with.  So, this is very much a balancing act and it’s all going to come down to how effectively you use your social media. 

Social media provides a way to engage with an audience without it becoming intrusive or awkward. As such, it is a key marketing tool and it should be at the forefront of your promotional campaign.

You need to think about the ways that you can utilize social media so show that you do care about your clients and customers.  This is also another area where content is important. You should be using content through social media to deliver real value to your customers and clients. 

Push Up Those Reviews Push Up Those Reviews 

Of course, you should also think about the reviews of your business. Nothing makes your company look smaller than only having a few reviews for customers to see and compare. It suggests that your business is new with low levels of experience. This is all about whether you can encourage customers to leave reviews and in a lot of cases it’s just a question of asking.

If you ask customers to leave a review and make it easy for them to do so, then most will. You can do this through an email after you complete the service. Of course, you will need to check for negative reviews and then resolve issues when they crop up.

Why Not Just Expand?grow your business

So, it’s clear that there are definitely some big benefits of making your business seem large.  Crucially, you can avoid losing the interest of a client because they think that your company is too small to handle a particular project.

But you might be wondering why you wouldn’t just invest time and money in expanding the business rather than faking it.  It’s a fair question, but there are definitely issues with growing a company. As soon as you start to grow your business you will be taking on a lot more risk.

There’s going to be greater costs to contend with and you’ll need to be careful that things don’t start to collapse which can happen.  As well as the cost as soon as you start to grow, you’ll struggle to maintain the right level of quality. So, even if you are able to offer more services, you could struggle to keep the interest of clients. 

As such, you should only expand if your business model is ready to do it the right way. You also need to make sure that the demand is there to suit this type of expansion.  If you are keen to expand, you should do it while working to keep the risk and the costs under control. There are numerous ways to do this.

However, the best option will be to use outsourcing agents as well as freelancers. By doing this you can expand the services and support that your business can offer without taking on a massive number of new workers on permanent contracts.

This means that you can keep the costs under control, essentially having your cake and eating it too. 

We hope this helps you understand why it could be useful for your business to look bigger on the outside. This is going to help your business keep costs small while ensuring that you are able to attract the level of demand and interest in the market that you want or need. 

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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