The New Concept of Business in the Information Age

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2020
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The New Concept of Business in the Information Age

The information age has changed everything about life, and businesses have not been left behind. Any company that doesn’t embrace digital ways will be left behind. There is little room to wiggle through this matter.

Currently, every business that hasn’t taken ICT seriously is scrambling to find a way to implement it. Virtual offices are a reality in many countries.

With more calls to work from home, conference calls are the order of the day. Every leader who understands that the information age is here to stay knows the importance of adaptation.

Try and pick an industry that ICT has not impacted in the last two decades. There is none. Everything is digital, and the world exists online. Trade is heavily reliant on ICT and the internet. In the US alone, online retailers are approximately 7.1 million. And those are the known ones. The numbers are higher than that. Across the world, the amount ranges from 20 to 25 million online stores.

Successful entrepreneurs are figuring out how to establish and run their companies in the digital age. Many countries are working out their ICT infrastructure in a bid to embrace more of the digital economy. Those that have it figured out are thriving.

Creating Lasting Networks DigitallyCreating Lasting Networks Digitally

The basics of business generally remain the same, even with a change in how to do business. Every successful business owner knows the importance of networking. Building lasting relationships keeps your business alive for many years to come.

The internet has revolutionized how business operates across the world. But when it comes to networking, the concept remains the same. Nothing beats having a conversation with potential clients or partners, even if those talks are through online chat rooms.

Working on the expansion of your business networks must be part of the strategy you have for the company. It’s the best way to grow and last in this information age.

What ICT has done is open up borders. Now you can talk to people in your local and with others on the other side of the world. The world has become limitless regarding how far you can go to network. Sitting in your office, you can have business partners across the globe. You can network with potential suppliers and customers virtually.

The Reality of Virtual BusinessesInformation Age

Some companies are taking 50% of their businesses online, and for others, its 100%. They shut the big offices and make them virtual. The internet is no longer the preserve of a few. ICT has grown exponentially, and all the countries in the world have access to the internet.

Speeds vary depending on the infrastructure in a country, but many are catching up. With good internet access, you can set up your business online and work from anywhere.

Having business partners no longer means residing in the same country. One can be in the US, another in the UK, and the third across the world in China.

All businesses are learning; they can have a dominant Virtual presence and a small physical office. For some, it’s the law to have an office in the country they operate.

Online casinos like gambling360, for example, must have a physical location in all countries they operate. Still, understand that running a virtual business is not a walk in the park. It comes with its own challenges that every company must be ready to handle.

If your business is entirely online, find a way to communicate face-to-face with potential customers. Such interactions are still the fundamental pillars of good marketing. No one wants to feel they are talking to a robot. It makes it hard to trust such a business. Human touch must be possible. Your customers must get to know who you are and what you have to offer.

Infinite Marketssell your products across the globe

There is no limit to where you can sell your products across the globe. Markets are now infinite with the growth of ICT. You move from customers in your local only to a global marketplace with endless opportunities. Shipping is faster, smoother, and cheaper than it has ever been.

You place an order for an item in South Africa and have it at your doorstep in Sweden in a matter of weeks. With fast delivery, that becomes a matter of days. From this standpoint, companies that look at a virtual business won’t ever lack customers.

On your website and social media pages, you have numerous payment options. There are so many online payment systems available across the world.

Ensure your business has access to the best of them. Customers want to know they can pick the one they prefer to transact with when paying for a good or service.

An example is the best online casino that takes not only credit cards and debit cards but also Cryptocurrencies and other forms of online payments. The charges are affordable, and transactions are fast.

Business and Social MediaBusiness in the Information Age

If your business doesn’t have social media pages, then you need to act on that now. All your potential customers are online. They spend hours scrolling through these platforms and come across numerous adverts.

Link up your website to all your social media pages. Create a blog and share engaging content about what you do. Social media pages are the best for pulling in new clients and interacting with recurring ones. Here, you post offers and promotions that keep them coming back for more.

Keep your business in the minds of your followers. When they need your products or services, you are the first company that comes to mind. Consistent posting and marketing help you build a good network that keeps your business going. No one can ignore how crucial this is for the bottom line.


The information age is here to stay. ICT advancement keeps changing how businesses operate daily. Some companies are purely online, setting up virtual stores and offices.

Every business must find a way to adapt to the new reality or risk being left behind. Even museums are now offering virtual tours. It’s not easy to make the necessary changes, but it’s the best move any company can make. Many companies are in the deep end, trying to figure out how to make virtual offices a reality.

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