6 Surprising Uses of Synthetic Urine

Written By Alla Levin
June 17, 2020

6 Surprising Uses of Synthetic Urine

The majority seems to think that the synthetic urine industry branch only makes money on people who want to cheat on the drug tests, but in reality, it is so much more.

Usually, fake urine is made from water, urea, creatinine, pH balance, and/or uric acid.

This unique mix allows producers to recreate all the properties of real, human urine, which proves beneficial to various industries and uses that normally would never come to the mind of a regular person.

So yes, you can buy synthetic urine to cleanse your pee of toxins, but there are many more uses of synthetic urine that makes it such a beneficial industry branch.

Scientific research

Synthetic urine has all the properties of real urine, but it’s safer to use, as it doesn’t contain any toxins, and it can’t be contaminated.

It can also be reheated multiple times without losing its qualities, which makes it better for try-outs and experimentation.

All labs performing urinalysis need to have their equipment correctly calibrated, and you can’t achieve that by calibrating with real urine, which is highly inconsistent.

For machines to work properly, they need to be tested with the same chemicals each time, so fake urine is much better for this purpose.

It also allows scientists to test urine in a number of ways without the need to get the real sample every time they have a new theory. It gives science a better understanding of the human body.

Uses of Synthetic Urine: Product testing

Products like diapers and incontinence pads that, by definition, should be able to hold urine need to be tested for this capability.

And again, it’s less risky to use synthetic urine than the real pee. The consistency is the same, so it doesn’t make any difference when it comes to the results of testing, but it can help product experts and testers avoid contamination.

Space explorationUses of Synthetic Urine

It may sound funny, but synthetic urine is actually really helpful to scientists who want to determine what it would be like for people to live outside the Earth.

For example, among many plans regarding space exploration, scientists want people to grow their food by using their own urine as a fertilizer

However, for now, while they are only just beginning the tests, fake urine is safer and more efficient to use during experiments.

Synthetic pee is used to develop life support systems for intergalactic travels as well.

Plus, the International Space Station already has a filtering system that turns urine into drinking water, and it was developed with the great help of fake pee.


Urine is actually highly efficient as both a fertilizer and an animal repellent.

Since dealing with the real human urine may be risky because of each person’s individual bacteria, and not all people can go as far as collecting and filtering their own pee, synthetic urine appears to be the answer to the dilemma.

Both the real and fake pee contain nitrogen and phosphorus that are very beneficial to your plants and will help them flourish.

If you use it all around your garden, it will also keep unwanted animals away from your precious flowers.

Educationsynthetic urine producer

For the same reasons that fake urine is useful in scientific research, it’s also better to use it in education.

People studying to be doctors, nurses, chemists, lab specialists, etc. need to practice before they master all the skills and knowledge, including their understanding of urine and urinalysis.

So it’s much easier, more beneficial, and safer to have them experimenting with synthetic urine than collect samples of the real one that can be contaminated.

We all know how vital urinalysis is for keeping ourselves in good health.

Cosmetologysynthetic urine producer

Both cosmetology and alternative medicine have been recognizing the advantages of using urine for a long time now.

Many specialists believe urine to be highly effective when it comes to treating acne.

Since synthetic urine is of the same chemical consistency and makeup, it is much safer to use for treatments, as it doesn’t contain any toxins. Plus, it may be easier for those practitioners who are reluctant to use real human pee.

So next time you hear about a synthetic urine producer, you will know better than rage about people cheating on the drug tests.

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