Starting Your Own Business: How to Become a Small Business Owner

Written By Alla Levin
June 20, 2020

Starting Your Own Business: How to Become a Small Business Owner

Are you looking to become a small business owner? You’re certainly not alone. Every year in the United States, about 500,000 businesses open their doors for the first time.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted most industries, the storm shall pass and entrepreneurs will have ample opportunity to pursue their dreams.

However, it’s one thing to start a small business, and it’s quite another thing to turn a business into a successful enterprise. The vast majority of small businesses end in failure. Don’t worry, though. In this article, we’re telling you how to become a small business owner and a successful one at that.

Develop a Business IdeaStarting Your Own Business

Of course, it all starts with an idea. Some entrepreneurs sit down and think long and hard in search of an idea that will excite the market. Others bump into an idea, a lightbulb moment where they suddenly discover something that can turn into a great product or service.

Regardless of your ideation process, the fact is you need to come up with a credible idea. When you start a business, you want to offer a product or service that fills a market gap or solves a certain consumer problem.

Don’t rush into opening a business even if you think your idea is a potential market hit. Do lots of consumer research to establish whether the upcoming product or service will have sufficient market demand.

Understand the Challenges Small Businesses Face

It’s not just enough to have a brilliant business idea. To enhance your chances of becoming a successful business owner, you need to have a good understanding of the challenges small businesses face. You see, you might have a quality product that solves a market problem, but nothing stops a large corporation from introducing a similar product and undercutting you.

Besides market competition, most small businesses run into cash flow problems and have trouble meeting government regulations. Some founders also lack management expertise.

With a good understanding of small business challenges, you will be in a better position to enter the market with a plan to conquer those challenges. For instance, you might resolve to purchase adequate liability insurance or even set up a captive insurance company to better cover your business risks.

Draw Up a Business PlanDraw Up a Business Plan

Some first-time entrepreneurs start their businesses without a business plan.

Big mistake!

A business plan is like a blueprint. It fleshes out the path your business will follow. Without it, there will be only one outcome: failure. Take your time to draw a detailed plan that fleshes out all the details about your upcoming business, including name and address, legal structure, product and service offerings, capital requirements, and sales and marketing strategy.

One of the biggest benefits of a business plan is it tells you how much startup capital you’ll need. You’ll also have a clearer picture of how long it will take before the enterprise becomes profitable. Thereafter, you’re free to secure the permits and licenses your business will need to operate.

How to Become a Small Business Owner: Know Your Path

For many people, starting a small business is a dream come true. However, it takes hard work, sufficient capital, and the right expertise to launch your company. Lucky for you, you now know how to become a small business owner and find success. All the best and keep reading our blog for more entrepreneurship tips and advice.

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