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Common Pitfalls of Buying Content Online

There is no doubt that the 21 century is an era of online information. We all go online and try to keep pace with this tremendous flow of information.

Each of us also contributes to this flow by posting on social media, participating in discussions on numerous forums, commenting, posting research findings, working on group projects online, and so on.

This is what called user-generated content (UGC). On the other hand, articles, blog posts, researches, reviews, text that describes services, company, or a single page all belong to professional content.

In most cases, to write a piece of professional content, you need comprehensive research, time, and solid writing skills.

The process is quite similar to writing a college essay. And we don’t need to remind you what a piece of cake it is not.

That’s why most of the website/blog owners turn to professional writing services or online content resources. 

Such services create content for you. It can be anything, posts for social media, articles, guides, essays, college papers, web pages, reviews, ad texts, and even dissertations.

While talking about the advantages of buying content online can take hours, we want to talk about the negative side of it.

To help you avoid any problems with writing services and get exactly what you ordered, we are going to share several common pitfalls of buying content online and ways to evade them.

Pitfall 1: Weak task descriptionuser-generated content

When you decide to entrust your virtual profile to a professional, you need to be sure that the task is clear and well-explained.

Often customers do not explain their idea or vision in detail to the writer, and as a result, it produces misconceptions and leads to dissatisfaction with the outcome.

How to solve: Create a personal brief where you fully explain what your goal is, which writing style you expect, and so on.

Try to predict questions that might pop up in the head of your writer while executing your order and answer them beforehand.

In this way, the task will be clear, and you won’t need to deal with countless questions.

Pitfall 2: Plagiarism and other errors

These days, with plenty of plagiarism checkers on the Internet, it is not a very dangerous and common pitfall.

However, the human factor hasn’t gone anywhere, and mistakes can occur. Online writing services strictly watch the uniqueness of their works and do not hesitate to check it twice.

Having a plagiarism-free piece is extremely important nowadays, whether you are preparing your essay or promoting your social media profile.

No one likes copies, and not only because it is not fair, but also because it is dull. If you cannot come up with original ideas, why should anyone be listening to you?

How to solve: Pay attention to references, reviews, and ratings of the potential writers or writing services platforms you’ve chosen.

You can check some of them at

And if you are still skeptical about the submitted paper, you can check the final piece using Grammarly or one of the online plagiarism checkers to ensure the quality and uniqueness of the text and be able to trust the writer in the future.

Pitfall 3: Desire to save, which leads to lossfreelance platforms

There is no need to explain that “buy nice or buy twice.” Creating content is a demanding and challenging process.

It takes time, understanding, and effort. So if you want to have high-quality content – do not play a cheapskate; invest in your content just as you invest in yourself. 

How to solve: choose only trustful writers or resources. Always double-check the references and work examples.

If you are not sure, we recommend you to start with freelance platforms.

In this case, you can always check the reviews or write a complaint.

Pitfall 4: Missed deadlinesCommon Pitfalls of Buying Content Online

There are two reasons for this to happen:

  • You did not emphasize the importance of the cut-off date;
  • The writer neglected your requirements and postponed the deadline.

How to solve: In the first case, double-check your brief requirements, and include the deadline if you’ve missed it earlier.

In the second case, it is better to collaborate with some professional platforms, and not freelances, because they usually have strict regulations regarding time and deadlines.

Pitfall 5: The wrong perceptionBuying Content Online

This one can occur even before your interaction with the writer.

However, such pitfall mostly happens to people searching for social media content.

So before investing in hiring a professional writer to follow your ideas, make sure you have a clear plan.

How to solve: Research the market, tendencies, come up with your content strategy, create a content plan, and always stay up-to-date.

Share as much information with the content writer as possible and explain what you are looking for.

Only in this way, your collaboration with the writer will be fruitful.

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Alla Levin

Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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