How To Pick The Best Dash Cam For Your Next Road Trip

Written By Alla Levin
July 08, 2020

Here is How To Pick The Best Dash Cam For a Road Trip

After learning about ways that you can revamp your car, you may be wondering how you can protect your family from car accidents.  There are tons of ways you and your family can contribute to that safety by being a safe driver, but other than that, it all boils down to defensive driving.

This is why finding a company that offers dash cam installation Sydney (or someone local to you) may be the best option for you and your family. Having a dash cam in the car may not inadvertently stop a car accident from happening, but it can document it, giving you evidence when filing for a claim with your insurance.

If you do not know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect dash cam, here are a few things to consider that will help you reach a decision.

Does The Dash Cam Record In The Rear Too?Best Dash Cam For a Road Trip

A lot of manufacturers are moving away from single-lens dash cams and coming toward dash cams with multiple lenses that allow simultaneous recording in the front and the rear. 

Some cams also come with a dual-camera feature, making it simple to be used side-by-side to get a wider field of view. Determine what your needs are and go from there.

You may not need a dash cam that records in the rear. Maybe you would make more use of the broader range.  On the other hand, rear-facing cameras are great to utilize when backing out of a long, dark driveway or into a parking spot.

Does It Come With A Driver-Assist Feature?

These features can really come in handy. Some features include lane departure warnings, forward collision alerts, red light alerts, and speed cameras. Though these features are not deal-breakers when it comes to providing your family with safety, they can most certainly help you be a safer driver as some features are helpful to avoid traffic, accidents, and getting speeding tickets. Other features like Bluetooth allow you to participate in hands-free driving.

The Bluetooth feature lets you connect and sync with your mobile apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Maps. You can even make and receive calls and text messages by voice, so you do not have to worry about texting and talking while driving.

Dash Cam For a Road Trip: What Is Your Purpose In Using A Dash Cam?What Is Your Purpose In Using A Dash Cam

Knowing this will help you determine what features are, in fact, make or break.  Your car may already have a rear-facing camera installed, in which case you do not need to concern yourself with purchasing a dash cam that has that feature. Your car could also already come with the Bluetooth sync option.

Maybe you just want to document an epic road trip, in which case you may need a dash cam with GPS tracking in case you get lost. You do not have to confine the use of the dash cam to your car. If you ride a motorcycle or bike, attach it to your helmet.

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